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@rzr Thank you for your work keeping Emilia Pinball alive! I'm interested in helping improve the Hurd table, but there isn't a pinedit Snap package available for ARM, and I'm encountering errors trying to compile the table editor.

Been having fun with Emilia and loaded up the additional tables, but I really wish I could get the pinedit table editor to compile on my . Running into issues with

I just read development explicitly discourages thorough . Big if true; would explain so much.

if somebody spends tens of millions on a piece of art, digital or otherwise, that is not a win for every artist. it proves we could have just taken that money and distributed it. we need to guarantee needs to preserve art and culture... not build overcomplicated identity systems.

vacinne slang, medical 

cool to see anglophones pick up "got jabbed" as slang for getting vacinnated. sci-fi correctly predicted that we'll always call things fun names

buy a sandwich, waive certain rights 

"These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern ... any interaction with our physical cafes or the personnel at the cafes, or where these Terms appear (collectively, the “Services”). ... BY USING THE SITE OR SERVICES, YOU ARE AGREEING TO THESE TERMS. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY. THESE TERMS CONTAIN AN ARBITRATION PROVISION AND WAIVER OF CERTAIN RIGHTS IN SECTION 17"

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just got a update email from a sandwich chain. did something change with in the US recently? I've been getting forced arbitration updates from the most random companies

skins for windows media player. bones for windows media player. teeth for windows media p


*checks intimidatingly good artist's age*
okay, phew, they're older than me

"blinry" is now my official pseudonym! 💖 This makes me so happy! Here's how I did it:

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First off the most obvious solution is to send messages directly to the recipient without routing through a middleman who we don't trust. Because why have a fully-capable routing infrastructure when you're only sending messages to FAANG?

Unfortunately ISPs have refused to upgrade to IPv6 over the past decades, leaving walls ("NAT") in place for peer-to-peer (P2P) software to hack around. Also we need to lookup the address to mail messages to...

E.g. 1on1 videochats, Syncthing, Bittorrent


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Thank you to everyone across the Fediverse who uses image descriptions.

Images are broken on my instance right now, and your descriptions are incredibly helpful.

(Which is the way of all assistive technology, really. It helps everyone.)

I can't remember the last time I rode an escalator.

Remember that technology is a tool. Use it to help yourself.

hmmmmmmm perhaps the collective mental effects we are all feeling are not some personal failing on our own personal journeys of mental health but are instead part of the effect of sustained and prolonged pandemic life and the constant isolation, monotony, grief, stress, boredom, and anger that entails.

octodon update one of our servers did burn down but it's not a big deal

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