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Creationists attend a museum conference: freak out over all-gender bathrooms. We have another reason to support the Trans Agenda, besides human rights.

Fellow bi-oriented people, now that non-bianary is coming more into mainstream consciousness, is the term bi becoming outmoded?

‪Now that TST has official tax-free church status, we should be able to use RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) to not follow laws that infringe on our religious freedom, just as christians have been doing.‬

“Oh good! Massive, tax-free, international child-rape syndicate deploys a squad of creepy, hysterical virgins to abuse mentally ill and desperate people as remedy for a non-existent problem. Rest easy, everyone!”


Cut 6 slices of bread minus the crusts into cubes/rectangles.

Melt the margarine, and thoroughly mix in milk, marzipan, 10T Sucralose and cayenne pepper.

Evenly soak bread cubes in the mixture. Tip: use a wide shallow container.

Refrigerate cubes uncovered for at least a couple of hours.

Melt the chocolate and coconut oil in a double boiler, and mix in 6T Sucralose.

Cover cubes in chocolate and place on parchment paper. Tip: put parchment paper on trays/containers first.


Spongey cubes (No-Bake Low-Sugar Low-FODMaP Chocolate-Dipped Spongey Cubes)

Gluten/Wheat-Free bread (e.g. Franz Mountain White); select for sponginess.

6T Margarine

1/4C Lactose-free milk

1C (10T + 6T) "granulated" Sucralose

2T Marzipan

1/16t cayenne pepper (just a couple of shakes)

8oz (2 bars) unsweetened chocolate

2T virgin coconut oil

art with blood, violence against fascists 

Our government admits that they're a gang of genocidal racists who have done devastating harm to immigrant families, and they aren't going to change.

Adorable and pathetic, my dog was whining in his sleep.

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