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@pzmyers Thomas Smith rox. He’s one of the best interviewers I’ve experienced, smart, does his research, and he goes out of his way to be fair.

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Purrseus is helping me install OpenBSD on my home office computer.

But since he's little and still learning, he calls it Mewnix.

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IMO metrosexual should be redefined from "guys who get their eyebrows done" to "people who are only attracted to subterranean rail systems"

@Skywise this year I forgot it was my birthday until a coworker reminded me.

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The issue isn't stand or kneel. The issue is equality. The issue is cops, because of fear or rage, getting away with murder. The issue is Americans demanding justice, which in my mind is patriotic and respectful.

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1996: do you have email?
1997: do you have icq?
1998: do you have paltalk?
1999: do you have aim?
2000: do you have msn messenger?
2001: do you have yahoo messenger?
2003: do you have skype?
2004: do you have myspace?
2005: do you have facebook?
2007: do you have twitter?
2008: do you have instagram?
2010: do you have kik?
2011: do you have google talk?
2012: do you have facebook? (again)
2015: do you have discord?
2020: do you have email?
2025: do you have a telephone?
2030: do you have any water?

@pzmyers funny how it's always the end times.

@CobaltVelvet the gullibility of human ape brains has no limit. I have dear pub friends who believe aliens visit them in their house. I ask them if the lights were on, they were fully awake, and not on drugs, and they evade the questions.

@pzmyers great idea! I added "vampire repellent" to what can do!

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