Every far right wacko group is a cult, led by the most absurd twit, for a reason. That's how you select for the most fervent followers.


@pzmyers don't creationists believe that we came from mud with life breathed into it from God?

The new generation My Little Pony movie is rated PG and makes fun of demagoguery.

@pzmyers similar to how my woo friends when challenged will call into question reality itself.🙄


Zaphod: It’s Marvin. He phoned to wash his head at us.

“ If you’re upset about regular folk hoarding toilet paper, wait till you hear about how a tiny percentage of rich people have hoarded most of the world’s wealth.”

@JasonReidUK on Twitter

Sierra Mixe is a variety of maze that has aerial roots that feed bacteria that fertilizes the maze from nitrogen pulled from the air.


If you don't understand the difference between bimodal & binary, you shouldn't be arguing that height is a reasonable character for distinguishing "biological women".


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