Please help me with this random question Octodon:

You meet someone and in introduction they tell you their age. They then playfully ask you what you would have guessed their age to be. Doing your best to answer them, how close do you think you could come to what you would have guessed before actually knowing their age?

(The picture is unrelated. It represents people with ideas, and hopefully will catch some eyes to answer this question.)

shadow brokers 

shadow brokers 

shadow brokers 

shadow brokers 

Just finished the Attack on Titan from Thursday... It was so intense I broke out in a sweat. Holy shit this show. 😱 Only there is not an emoji with a mouth big enough.

The new meme is being nice to random people on the timeline spread the word

For the Japanese: here in the US they are attributing the sudden rise of cryptocurrency prices like Bitcoin and Dogecoin to "relentless Japanese investment". Has cryptocurrency suddenly become a thing there? If so, is there any indication or speculation why?

The song All Star is 18 years old as of today. And now that it can vote, I expect things are really going to change around here.

Designed a vaporwave shirt today:

Completely different concept than what I set out to make (a simple triangle pattern). Kinda had a Bob Ross happy mistake moment I guess. Feedback on the ο½ο½…ο½“ο½”ο½ˆο½…ο½”ο½‰ο½ƒ will be greatly appreciated.

Internet companies especially social networks are forced to care about 'you'. But when they do so, it is in the plural sense of that pronoun--on the aggregate, that is to say averaging all of us out. To them saying "I desperately need x" is totally immaterial. It's not about ability to demonstrate need. They "listen" in that they will suck in your data point and if they hear it a threshold number of times, they check the last 5 years of numbers to see if β€˜you’ do or not, in fact, need x. Bad way

I got kind of bogged down in my "Vaporwave Illuminati" shirt design, but did manage a dress design:

I am calling it, "Actually, I Have Always Been A Winner: Queen of Hearts Edition". What do you think dress wearers? It is my first dress attempt.

Mastodon API rant 

Found a straight pin in the Swiss Army Knife I have been carrying for years today. I guess it is there for emergency tailor work.

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