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y'all, I just found out custard mix is flavored colored corn startch
or at least the one I just bought is
I'm a fool

@SuricrasiaOnline iktfs
it works pretty ok for me for short things I absolutely need to do (e.g. appointments) but as I say this I realize that's closer to a calendar in function, really, I'm just too lazy to adopt the format of one

@SuricrasiaOnline I'm not sure what your specific issue with them is but maybe this being more of a "here are things I think are neat in case I forget or need inspiration" thing than a "here are tasks I am delegating to myself" thing might make it more useful?

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@byttyrs If you do end up trying it lemme know how it works, would be nice to get a larger sample size

@byttyrs my stepmom has biliary dyskinesia and takes a supplement for it. I grabbed a picture of it last time I was over there, forgot to send it.
she definitely mentioned she takes it for help with fat/protein rich meals, so hopefully it's good for your case? idk

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@chemelia if the only upside you can come up with is free food then I'd lean stay unless you're also dealing with food insecurity

@lunalapin Get In The Car, Loser! uses Phoenix Iced Tea. Not quite as flagrant product placement, but the chain of wordplay ends in it being the game's revive item so I'd call it more of a sidegrade overall

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oh cool, i can spend the extra money i have this month on get in the car loser, christine love's new game




@chemelia I'd like to throw "do something tiny to get a win" into the possibility space, but definitely agree with the other replies that going easy in these circumstances is totally a reasonable pick

Little known fact, when Diogenes plucked that chicken it was actually a commentary on the avian furry subculture of his time

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Can't wait for the plot twist in the new Matrix movie where Neo comes out as a t4t leather dyke

"There's so many amazing things out there" I say as I continue to do exactly none of them

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@monorail It's worth noting, especially re:caterpie, that the "average trainer" stats are probably being weighed down by a lot of children

@SuricrasiaOnline I think we have at least vaguely similar views on magic then, though yours are clearly further developed

@SuricrasiaOnline I see. then is the idea of the soul functioning as a sort of cognitive shorthand?

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