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yoooooo I just went thrifting with some cool people and got some cool stuff and it was rad!!!!!!!!!!!

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saw a the world ends with you post so i am now obligated to post this

shiki is trans, right? she's trans of gender?


tried pistachio saffron ice cream, the smell makes it feel kind of like I ate some sunscreen by mistake
guess since saffron is so damn expensive if I don't like it it's kind of a good thing

Isekai is when you go somewhere and the further you go the more isekai it is

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semaphore implementations:


Solo cups are culturally defined as red, but there's no inherent redness to them. Anything can be red, and the cups can be any color. Still, as a result of the culture they exist in they are usually red, and ones of other colors are considered unusual

Past that the analogy kind of breaks down, but I've been trying to puzzle out stuff like love and romance lately. I'm bad at getting things "everyone knows" but nobody can explain

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A candlelit dinner is romantic the way a Solo cup is red


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