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I'm finishing long overdue project - simple game with graphics made by kids during classes in a community center. Handmade sprites - heck yeah :)

Watching agdq in 360p cuz my internet sucks πŸ˜‚

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If people could stop using "shell" as a synonym for "Bash", that would be great.

I decided to take a break from coding and do some generative art for a change... and that's also coding... welp. Anyway - I did a lot of grid structures and now I'm gonna play with rings

What's the point of writing language server that works only in VScode? Like entire frigging point of LSP is to work with any editor :>

note to self - check shit thee times before posting (since apparently twice is not enough) πŸ˜…

Sorry If I confused anyone (I got confuse as well πŸ˜… ) Once again: GH is adding free private repos WITHOUT pages&wikis. Pubilc repos will have pages and wiki.


I removed last toot. It seems that GH still will have wikis and gh pages for public repos. Chill. (according to this table They just adding free private repos (with max 3 contributors)

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So GitHub Free users get unlimited private repos now, but they lack protected branches, code owners, GitHub Pages (!), and wikis. So, no spinning up a GitHub Pages site with a private repo on the free plan. So I'll keep paying that $7/mo. :)

It seems that gui toolkit I'm using with Love is causing issues. I try to implement custom controls (I need buttons and slides, not big deal).

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It's a last time I used Lua LOVE for writing Android app. It crashes randomly, dpi scaling is handled in some weird way. There is no way to quickly deploy your app for testing.

Best workflow I could find is to compress project as .love file and transfer it to phone via Syncthing. With Godot I just have to plug my phone and press play 😒

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First ban on mastodon goes to some dude sharing moon landing conspiracy theories (in form of fucking yt video) πŸ˜†

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