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Open space office is fucking dystopian nightmare. Thanks stars I work remotely.

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Above anything else, the first thing I was into with Lisp was the lack of boilerplate. I could just get right into coding.

I tried to tell others about this but they weren’t into it, because unlike me, they actually like code. They like explicitness, they like verbosity, they like type annotations, they like churning out SLOC like there’s no tomorrow.

They love boilerplate so much so that they’ve now made an AI to write it for them.

I would pay a lot of money for a prebuild ortholinear mechanical keyboard with thumb clusters and trackpoint.

Ironic that No Man's Sky implementing Steam Input API rendered Steam Controller absolutely unusable with the game.

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Now all of the seagulls I see are Kehaars, and they all have a Eastern European accent


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Ah, this time of year: fake wokeness month.

A small list of companies pretending to care, but ultimately just abusing symbols of a social movement. Feel free to add to this list in the comments.

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That time Saturn accidentally showed everyone how much space is wasted with cars.

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Updated my OnePlus5 to LineageOS 19 (Android 12) today. New UI looks like change for the sake of change - and looks like crap. Google 🤷‍♂️​

My Steam Deck has arrived. Initial thoughts:
- good build quality
- x86_64 - EFI and (soon) upstream linux drivers 💚 Take that ARM.
- the ultimate emulation handheld
- the ultimate indie platform (switch has only exclusives left)
- run beta for silent fans
- battery life is good (despite that I'll be tinkering with perf settings of games too much)
- with dock this might be resonable deskop platform

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It is absurd that there are not simpler ways for non-programmers to make computers do what they want.

I haven't expected to be excited about any CNCF project, yet here I am, playing with Open Policy Agent. Datalog in the wild ftw.

> Ask HN: How to build a desktop app in 2022
Me: cry and despair, then build a CLI.

I managed to what I wanted with ImHex and it's pattern editor. Great feature.

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How come that every Hex editor on Linux either sucks or is proprietary.

ImHex might be nice in the future but it's still a bit buggy.

I'd love to see nixos like distro done by Kiss/Void authors. Immutable, declarative but first of all - simple.

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