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I can't watch streams. Recently I tried to press right arrow to skim forward on fucking teams meeting... I do this on streams all the time

If you post your articles on medium - fuck you


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Is there any scriptable GUI file manager? Like with shell hooks for events etc. Something like lf or ranger but GUI.

It's kinda possible to hack some scripts around Thunar, but it's pretty cumbersome.

Linux audio might suck, but you can do crazy routing with Jack. For example you can use LV2 and VSTs with VCVRack without buying Host plugin ;)

Dead Cells 2.5 will have a training room <3

Every fucking troubleshooting guide for macOS looks like this

„Reinstall random shit including the OS (few times) and hope it fixes the issue”.

Is the macOS garbage or the community?

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@fribbledom not a project, but related:

"The point of SOFA club is to start as many things as possible as you have the ability, interest, and capacity to, with no regard or goal whatsoever for finishing those projects."

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suicide, online harassment 

We lost an amazing person in the emulation / retro gaming space last night.

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"I lost a lot of friends.

They work in the art world and if they were seen supporting me they would be brought down too."

What It’s Like To Be Cancelled

I hate with a passion. POSIX sh is at least decent enough to not pretend it is a reasonable programming language. Bash on the other hand gives you bullets to shoot yourself in the foot - multiple times.

The moment something can't be written in few lines of sh is the moment it should be rewritten in real programming language.

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I had some shy thoughts about trying to use Wayland (for example Sway) but X forwarding over LAN is so awesome I doubt I'll switch anytime soon.

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Regular reminder that "it's better on the app" means "we want to install spyware on your phone"

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