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Random reminder about Context Free Art and gallery of designs community is posting on

is not widely known but it is amazing tool.

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I finished 0bc in Dead Cells. Great game!

Okay I know all GPUs are bought by crypto-shits but wtf has happened to Ryzens on zen 3?

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#signal server is now officially closed source, making it de facto a worse-looking telegram.

It's hilarious that rust is most popular hashtag on sourcehut given that Drew hates rust 😂

I need to build PC for myself. Getting a GPU is not going to be easy....

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Microsoft Small Basic was a great tool to learn programming. Not because of language - every BASIC sucks hard AF (if you disagree - it's most likely nostalgia :P ).

It was great because it had:
- verbose autocompletion that showed you what you can do with given object
- extensive and simple documentation
- enough functionality (GUI, graphics, basic OS integration) to be useful for tiny tools and games

There is online playground if you want to take a look:

I hate my Raspberry Pi 4 right now. It won't boot anything other than Raspbian :/

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Here we go, after 1.5 years and a pile of c++ code later I'm pleased to announced my basilisk story is FINISHED!

"Basilisk collection - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

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Miałem bardzo podobne przemyślenia, cieszę się, że ktoś je tak ładnie ubrał w słowa <3 #ux

"Increasingly, I think UX doesn't live up to its original meaning of "user experience." Instead, much of the discpline today, as it's practiced in Big Tech firms, is better described by a new name.

UX is now <<user exploitation>>."

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If it doesn't have an RSS feed, it's not a podcast.

K8s libraries for Go look like someone really wanted to write in Java but was forced to use Go. Total clusterfuck.

I'm getting married today. We've been together for almost ten years ♥️

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People constantly ask why I refuse to use Signal.

I have been meaning to do a detailed write-up for this, however in researching for it I discovered this post which covers several of my biggest issues well.

Watching world record run on gdq is amazing 😊

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