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Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know! #art #illustration #mastoart

code review tools (comments, diffs) are nice but workflow is fucking garbage. It requires you to constantly squash changes. I actually keep separate branch for reviews but it's still PITA, even with help of scripts.

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I love free software, and I love all the people who create it!

Thank you - for creating tools for everyone to use, without asking for anything in return.

You deserve our thanks and our full support for giving your time to free software projects and contributing to the global free software pool.


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Looking for a small to medium sized #golang project to review live on a Twitch stream. Who's brave enough? 😂

The plan isn't to criticize whatever it is you're working on, but to demo how I approach new projects and codebases, and to constructively show how one can easily improve their Go projects with the help of a few CLI tools. Don't be shy!

[Boosts appreciated]

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Literally any technology with "coin" in the name or "chain" mentioned in its FAQ can shove their chaincoins directly into their ass and get out of my goddamn web browser/inbox/chat room/fucking life

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~ Welcome to adsh, the adventure shell ~

You are in your home directory. Your internet connection is stable.

Nearby, you can see many files, such as note.txt, .adshrc, and feb_10_2020_syn.wav.

You have tools curl, vim, and python3.

Possible exits are ., .., Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and web_site.

adsh> touch file :t_blink:

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I barely haven't posted anything here yet, so here is something I've been doing lately.

I recently started to bought cameras on flea market.

Recently I bought my first digital one, a Mavica MVC-FD7; a late 90' camera using floppies as a storage medium.
And with the charm of this low resolution, I made a photoshop template file to transform them with my usual aesthetic.
I'm still experimenting with it, but I love it so much.

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Pixel #art source versus how it actually looked like on an arcade, television and early home computer CRTs.

90's PC displays had sharper pixels but still had a mild anti-aliasing effect that should not be ignored in emulation.

Note how the CRT hardware anti-aliasing effect creates the detail of a face on the skeleton's shield, where as the source looks like an incoherent blob of pixels - this was because the artist purposely designed the sprites for the final CRT render.

I just realized I can use
- caddy v1
- shell2http
- gotty
- websocketd
- docker
to build prototypes of webapps with bunch of shell scripts and Unix tools.... 😲

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Will you refuse to install an application because of the programming language it was written with?

- Yes
- Conditionally (Yes, but only if there is no binary available and I have to install the language's build tools)
- No
- Other conditions: please specify

Boosts appreciated, because I find the "boosts appreciated" trick working for other people and I figured I'd try once

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Did you know?

Percentages are reversible. 8% of 25 is the same as 25% of 8, and often one of them is much easier to do in your head.

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In another life, I composed a lot of music (mostly chiptunes) and this one is my most famous track:

It's not my personal favourite, but this song became (sort of) famous because it was used in the Sony Vegas Pro keygen. This video editing software was used by a lot of youtubers, so they naturally used this music in their videos :)

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What shell do you use/prefer in your GNU/Linux system?

(Please share to spread the word. And if you want comment your answer. Thanks a lot)

OnePlus 5 + LineageOS 16 first impressions:
+ fast AF
+ ridiculous amount of RAM
+ AMOLED screen looks great
+ monochromatic „reading” mode
- dual camera does not work (only single lens is used) dues to proprietary bullshit
- crappy camera app, bad photos quality
- a lot of apps don't support pitch-black, AMOLED friendly background (Android ecosystem is shit, not a news really).

Next time I'm buying Pinephone....

Reasonable me: I should write this X utility program in Go. I know Go well, it's stable language, easy cross-compilation...

Devil on my shoulder: That Janet lisp looks cool tho....


I'm buying OnePlus 5 today and It's kinda hilarious since it has 8gb of RAM and 128gb of storage - ~ the same amount that my laptop

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690 bytes? Nah. 609 bytes. Here’s a little post about Ara’s CSS:

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