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Eldritch got an update :O It's lovely stealth/rogue-like game inspired by Lovecraft's universe. Shoggoths are the best in this game <3

This is last time ever I updated Every time it ends up with random crashes. I'll be reinstalling new releases from now on.

I did some cleanup in my configs and I had a chance to test two new toys:
fd - find alternative, fast and simple, I like it
sk (skim) - it's nice that it can relaunch command (interactive grep anyone?) but fzf is way more responsive. I'll be using it for grepping in

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client: "we need you to implement features x, y, and z for deployment by end of day"

me: *after a while of checking the requirements and going through the unfamiliar codebase* umm.... those features have been in place for several versions

ah, I gotta bite the bullet and learn C. It's not great language but there is plenty of interesting code written in it.

Selenized is underappreciated color scheme. It's basically Solarized with reasonable contrast (and white and black variants as a bonus)

Huh, JACK automagicallly fixed itself on my Void Linux box πŸ€”

I probably update that box to 19.04... Disco dingo is coolest codename in Ubuntu's history. I can't miss that right?

I wonder if I should update my Ubuntu box to 19.04 I use it mostly for playing games.

Inspired by Luke Smith I set up neomutt. Works nicely. I'll figure syncing mail soon.

I signed-in for Linux Academy free account. I'm impressed so far. I gotta buy full subscription when I got the job.

I decided to use it's much saner solution than webpack for small projects

So it turns out you gotta install shitload of plugins to make webpack copy css and index.html to dist/

I'm gonna write a makefile

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I've giving a #livecoding workshop in Sheffield next month for #algorave. I don't know that many people in the UK but I would like for this to be filled with people who can really use this as a stepping stone to get into music, programming or both! Please share :)

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Restart networking?
What could possibly go wrong...
Can't ssh now

#sysadmin #haiku

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