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I used Qutebrowser for a while but modern web is unusable without heavy duty ad-blocker so I'm back on Firefox again.

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Wait so Linux is like the Mastodon of operating systems?

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81 megapixel image of the Moon

Magnet link (~300mb)


luastatic is nice tool for writing tiny portable cli apps (when paired with musl-gcc)

I love how stable Void Linux is (despite being rolling release). I just updated system that hasn't been updated for ~4 months. No „manual action required”, no fetching missing PGP keys, butter smooth experience... on thirty years old, 32 bit laptop.

One of Polish contributors to newest release of Visual Studio Code was listed as „NotYour FuckingBusiness“ 😁💚

I found EchoLisp on RosettaCode and it looked amazing but unfortunately it's not open source, so it's basically useless for me.

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2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer

I'd love to learn more about Shen Lisp but since 90% of docs is author's paper book you can buy from Amazon (no ebook in XXI century, wtf?) I guess I won't. Oh well

docs are important, just saying :blobshh:

I decided to spend rest of the evening playing with VCVRack. It was fun until my cat walked overy keyboard and removed fucking sequencer and mixer 😱

Rack doesn't have undo yet 🙀

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