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People constantly ask why I refuse to use Signal.

I have been meaning to do a detailed write-up for this, however in researching for it I discovered this post which covers several of my biggest issues well.


Watching world record run on gdq is amazing 😊

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2020 in summary

- switched to vegetarian diet
- learned a lot of new recipes
- moved in together with my girlfriend
- started private wiki for my notes
- got well paid job in IT

Most of the goals achieved.

On the downside I did almost nothing to progress my personal project. Oh well. This year was crazy but overall I'm happy.

LoZ Breath Of The Wild is so good game 0.0

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I'm doing sed driven development today 🤣

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There’s a new half-hour video on reverse engineering and analyzing the design behind collision detection in the original Zelda. There’s truly all human knowledge on YouTube. youtu.be/FBk-QkzMeIk

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After watching this I think I'm not gonna buy any more Behringer gear...



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I watched Wolf Walkers. It's stunning. Visual masterpiece 💚

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I'm reading this article about Forth and I am almost 100% positive I found it on here and saved it. I don't even know what I'm really reading but it's fascinating.


While Factor is not standard Forth, this talk blows my mind every time I watch it

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