So I'm rolling on BTRFS on / and /home, with compression. Let's see how it goes

What if: grep but with PEG instead of regex 🤔

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Trackpoint. On smaller ThinkPads I disable touchpad altogether.

Jenkins sucks (like most software in this world) but I prefer it over futile attempts of creating DSLs with YAML.

Microsoft releases their own builds of OpenJDK. Sounds like April fool's bit it's true

Prototype for parser extension is done. It can't handle formatting in text link yet.

To break a long streak of doing nothing I started working on a Goldmark extension for parsing Wikimedia style links. Yeah, I still want to write my own wiki.

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static typing is better but I'm not gonna tell anyone they're wrong for choosing dynamic typing. if they appreciated being told when they're making a mistake they wouldn't be using a dynamically typed language in the first place

My first PC had 80gb 3.5' HDD. Recently I bought 256gb microSD card for my Switch. Feels weird :)

Is this single vm instance with multiple windows or one vm per app?

There is nice set of scripts for working with ADRs if anyone is interested

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I started working on my icon pack again, which is heavily inspired by the Feather icons ( ).

- Just like Feather, you can change the stroke width
- Some icons look different
- Many icons are new
- All icons are designed to be discernible at 16x16 and to look sharp at 32x32, with the default stroke width of 1.5px.

The repo contains the Inkscape source files.

You can build optimized SVGs (good for web use) with `make icons`. They're saved in a folder called "output".
That requires scour and GNU parallel.

You can also build the showcase from this screenshot with `make showcase`. It is saved in a folder called "showcase".
That requires Pandoc and jq.
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