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I'm looking for an USB XLR interface that's Linux-friendly. Currently I'm using Behringer UMC202HD and it's constantly problematic.

Boosts welcome!

DNS blocking is supplementary at best, useless at worst. You need to have cosmetic rules like uBlock.

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Now this is the brilliant part, if they broke content blockers completely everyone would here it about and it'd be global news but if you let the content blockers work, firstly you have Chrome simps coping that it's not an issue basically acting as free marketing

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Substance painter did something similar iirc

@feoh It's a glorified VM, of course it's a real linux. Same as VirtualBox.

I deactivated my Twitter account. Mostly because they actively hostile towards the users. You can't disable the „wanna mobile app?” notification on the website, you can only make it appear less often. You can't permanently switch to the chronological timeline - you never know when they force you to algorithmic feed. Furthermore, you are forced to use official app. All links are hidden behind t.co service to track every click.

Fuck them.

Wait, Adobe bought Figma? LOL, Figma users are so fucked right now 🤣

Rant, software 

I love to observe all the ways shitty software crumbles where internet connection is not perfect (while IRC keeps working even on 3g connection)

Just replaced battery in my 5 years old OnePlus5 Hopefully it will serve me another 5 years.

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Having all the services in one interface as a plugins, not separate apps.
Easy scrobbling to universal watchlist.
No geological restrictions.
Download, stream... no problem.
Works on ANY devices, including phones without Google spyware, PCs without Microsoft spyware, Raspberry Pi...
Fully native interface respecting my theme and working blazing fast, not some Chromium wrapper.
No DRM or anything restricting how can I play the video.

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So imagine you build huge web application that is used for tracking time and developers work. You keep adding new features to a point when your app takes 6 seconds for request of creating new ticket. Congratulations you just made Jira.

Ok, YT search is completely broken now. It shows like 10 videos related to search query and the rest is algorithm soup (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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@xgqt search on YouTube is no more. They give you 3-6 real results and then the rest are recommendations unrelated to the search. :blobcatsad:

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