luastatic is nice tool for writing tiny portable cli apps (when paired with musl-gcc)

@tbd aah Smalltalk... I don't know if I love or hate it. It's definitely interesting community to keep eye on

@dualhammers there is plenty of documentation for Ubuntu online. Arch wiki is amazing resource (despite Arch not being user friendly)


map global normal <c-e> 'gb'

seems to be working with holding:

@cosine how does <ctrl-e> works? From quick look at Vim docs it just scrolls view [count] lines. Since you don't care about preserving main selection (cursor) you could use [count] j or gb I guess?

@cosine ah, yes, for some reason Kakoune forces view to always contain main selection. I don't like that as well. I asked about it on IRC, maybe I'll open issue on GH

Unfortunately moving „cursor” (main selection) in that case would be destructive and I don't think that's good idea. I don't know how to implement it as well.

@cosine gj is goto buffer bottom. You could use gb (goto window bottom) or just count j (go count lines down). Also check out scrolloff option

@cosine I learned Vim editing model and I was using Spacemacs for about a year. Emacs is cool but I wanted to write plugins for niche language and it's was hard (Emacs is huuugee pile of moving parts 😱 )

Somehow I recalled that text editor with weird editing model and good integration with unix tools.

I installed it and started playing with it. It took me ~2/3 weeks or so to notice I'm trying to use Kakoune commands in Spacemacs...

I never was Vim expert tho

@cosine ha ha, yeah ranting helps 😆

It's just Kakoune somehow „clicked” for me so I'm doing my part on advocacy here ;)

@cosine hey, maybe post some of your concerns on the forum? I bet they can be addressed somehow (Mawww is happy to do changes if they align with overall goals and design, even if that's not the case there is a chance someone will come up with workaround).

I'm happy to help as well but I'm not sure if I understand your your issue and Mastodon is not well suited for lengthy conversations I think

@poetgrant it sill blows my mind that Unix won with Plan9.

I hope someday 9p will gain more traction at least.

I love how stable Void Linux is (despite being rolling release). I just updated system that hasn't been updated for ~4 months. No „manual action required”, no fetching missing PGP keys, butter smooth experience... on thirty years old, 32 bit laptop.

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