@neauoire yup, been there done that. One of best options I thing. I have a lot of hope in Olive tho

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So OpenBSD hit 6.6, cool. :ms_imp_think:​ But have you seen their commemorative and metal as heck version poster? :imp_relax:​

Like, duuuuudeeeeeeee :imp_tease:​

🎨: Natasha Allegri

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@floatvoid Well, better to clean the word of its past no? Making it reborn!

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I never want to do anything for very long

And that's OK

Have you just started year of the Linux desktop or something? :D

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what happened why is everyone installing elementaryOS on Merveilles

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This migration to Linux desktop basically changed my life, yep.

@brian @Wolf480pl same, currently using OnePlus One with Lineage OS, it's not bad but could be better

Ugh finally my arm is getting better so I can go back to hacking on my projects

I wish my phone would be as hackable as my x220

Guys learn from my mistakes. Wear reflective vest and helmet while cycling. Why you might ask? Cuz some drivers seem have worse sense of sight than I do (and that's rare).

I stumbled upon , watched it in two evenings and now I'm sad it's already over... Enjoyable show.

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