I signed-in for Linux Academy free account. I'm impressed so far. I gotta buy full subscription when I got the job.

I decided to use parceljs.org/ it's much saner solution than webpack for small projects

So it turns out you gotta install shitload of plugins to make webpack copy css and index.html to dist/

I'm gonna write a makefile

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I've giving a #livecoding workshop in Sheffield next month for #algorave. I don't know that many people in the UK but I would like for this to be filled with people who can really use this as a stepping stone to get into music, programming or both! Please share :)


@faun oh you absolutely right. I'll probably be working as js dev pretty soon so I can tell it's used almost everywhere :) I mostly talk about my preferences for backed language - I woudn't be using JS/TS as back-end language for projects I manage

@faun Kotlin and other languages can transpile to js so that's not unique to TS. Yup, JS engines are crazy fast for dynamic languages (Luajit might be faster but it doesn't got much love recently)

@faun I'd ask what are advantages? Underlying JS is not advantage for sure, NPM ecosystem is huge but JVM, Python and Ruby also have mature set of libs. TS is nothing special in comparison to other back-end languages - not the fastest, not greatest support for concurrency, definitely not safest. It's probably decent option if you don't want learn new technology but personally I wouldn't use it.

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Restart networking?
What could possibly go wrong...
Can't ssh now

#sysadmin #haiku

@grainloom don't quote me on that, but I sync git repos and haven't had any issues so far...

Today early access release of V language will be available. This is gonna be interesting.

@faun Check on protondb.com/ maybe there are some tweaks that can improve performance. I managed to get Simple Planes running by using Wine D3D11 for example :)

@faun I heard about deno but I'm not really interested in js/ts as backend language. Plenty of better options available. I haven't worked with really big codebases yet. I love refactoring in statically typed languages tho: break stuff -> fix until compiler is happy -> usually everything works

Typescript is nice in comparison to standard js. Static typing is a blessing.

is getting lazy loading support soon. Default installation with support for 70+ languages starts in 0.02 second. Niiice :D

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