I think I finally succeeded in battle with flexbox and css 🤔

I found photo form art workshop we were doing for kids at uni 😅 I was mad scientist lol. We turned whole basement into fantasy realm, each room has set of different tasks for kids. It was fun to be honest.

I love IBNIZ - you can randomly stumble upon stuff like this:

My GF gave me that cool moon lamp and it's frickin awesome!

I love that you can generate big variety of shapes using simple rules

One of Polish contributors to newest release of Visual Studio Code was listed as „NotYour FuckingBusiness“ 😁💚

I bought Lenovo keyboard for ~5$ cuz I couldn't stand crappy keyboard in my old Dell laptop.

Silent hero of my computer - function that toggles touchpad on and off (usually off). Written more than three years ago. It got (unnecessary) refactoring today 😜

I had to fix some issues with my i3 configuration (I haven't touched configs for about 5 months). I replaced native i3 bar with Polybar. Configuration was fairly painless. also: trying cmus and loving it so far!

I'm finishing long overdue project - simple game with graphics made by kids during classes in a community center. Handmade sprites - heck yeah :)

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