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I love to observe all the ways shitty software crumbles where internet connection is not perfect (while IRC keeps working even on 3g connection)

Bank Millenium blocks biometric login because my phone does not pass Safety Net CTS (unlocked bootloader). Magisk + Hide Prop config + hiding magisk app fixed it for me.

It's ridiculous because:

- NFC still works
- i have up to date Android and security fixes

CC: @arek

Using JS for something good: I'll add adblock detection to my website, and If a visitor does not have adblock installed, this shows up:

Why sucks, episode 31427481241

Swagger editor demo can't highlight default examples

I have Darktable to learn and zero taste when it comes to HDR style photos, sue me 🤷‍♂️

I bought Pentax K-R with six lenses from my uncle and I took it for a spin today. This one was shot with Tamron SP AF 90 mm f/2.8 Di Macro and edited in Darktable.

I made banana bread for the first time. It's so good 💚

Microsoft Small Basic was a great tool to learn programming. Not because of language - every BASIC sucks hard AF (if you disagree - it's most likely nostalgia :P ).

It was great because it had:
- verbose autocompletion that showed you what you can do with given object
- extensive and simple documentation
- enough functionality (GUI, graphics, basic OS integration) to be useful for tiny tools and games

There is online playground if you want to take a look: superbasic-v2.azurewebsites.ne

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