One of Polish contributors to newest release of Visual Studio Code was listed as „NotYour FuckingBusiness“ 😁💚

I bought Lenovo keyboard for ~5$ cuz I couldn't stand crappy keyboard in my old Dell laptop.

Silent hero of my computer - function that toggles touchpad on and off (usually off). Written more than three years ago. It got (unnecessary) refactoring today 😜

I had to fix some issues with my i3 configuration (I haven't touched configs for about 5 months). I replaced native i3 bar with Polybar. Configuration was fairly painless. also: trying cmus and loving it so far!

I'm finishing long overdue project - simple game with graphics made by kids during classes in a community center. Handmade sprites - heck yeah :)

I decided to take a break from coding and do some generative art for a change... and that's also coding... welp. Anyway - I did a lot of grid structures and now I'm gonna play with rings

I decided to redesing part of the GUI to emphasis drag & drop workflow (instead of popups). This takes longer than I planned. Not that I'm in a hurry :)

Most of UI functionality is implemented. Still missing: import/export and interpolation between colors.

I'm working on tiny color picker app today. Goal is to make something like for desktop. UI is mostly done (I have to reskin it to some neutral grays).

My girlfriend is defending her Master thesis and diploma work today. I'm proud of her :)

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