I have Darktable to learn and zero taste when it comes to HDR style photos, sue me 🤷‍♂️

I bought Pentax K-R with six lenses from my uncle and I took it for a spin today. This one was shot with Tamron SP AF 90 mm f/2.8 Di Macro and edited in Darktable.

I made banana bread for the first time. It's so good 💚

Microsoft Small Basic was a great tool to learn programming. Not because of language - every BASIC sucks hard AF (if you disagree - it's most likely nostalgia :P ).

It was great because it had:
- verbose autocompletion that showed you what you can do with given object
- extensive and simple documentation
- enough functionality (GUI, graphics, basic OS integration) to be useful for tiny tools and games

There is online playground if you want to take a look: superbasic-v2.azurewebsites.ne

I know my girlfriend is a chaos creature but opening oat flakes like this kinda disturb me :D

Who needs rubber duck for debugging when you can have pillow owl instead :)

@ArchieT jak byś to przetłumaczył? Bo zaraz mnie szlag trafi jak nie wyśle PRa z poprawką. Rewizja jak w dokumentacji gita czy zostawić commit?

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