Bank Millenium blocks biometric login because my phone does not pass Safety Net CTS (unlocked bootloader). Magisk + Hide Prop config + hiding magisk app fixed it for me.

It's ridiculous because:

- NFC still works
- i have up to date Android and security fixes
CC: @arek

@siloam @TeddyDD o à propos Chin i banków, to dla wielu bankowych instytucji — smartfon z toną chińskiego bloatware'u jest bezpieczniejszy od czystego LineageOSa

Tak, to też paranoja. Albo starsza wersja Androida ale z zablokowanym bootloaderem

@TeddyDD same story in my case, I've installed Magisk, Hide Prop config module and Universal SafetyNet Fix module. Then, I've hidden Magisk and changed my keys for SafetyNet. After that, I can log in application by biometry, but still I can't use BLIK NFC payments…

I suppose that I was marked by mBank to some blocked user list. I will try to adjust my phone to BLIK NFC payments after the updating process to Lineage 19.1.

Yep, I agree, it's ridiculous.

@arek @TeddyDD I would like to have a FOSS OS on my phone, but things like that discourage me every time. I know that if I flash new OS, some applications won't like it.

It's sad that if you want something else, than stock software on your device, you are being treated like a criminal. Same as with games and anti-cheat software on Linux. But while Steamdeck is changing things for gaming, I don't see any change coming for smartphones.

@Ganderonus @TeddyDD you can change OS in your desktop, you can have root permissions on your desktop, but not on your phone, it's not fair

In my case it's not even about FOSS, my phone is five years old and unsupported by the vendor. Lineage is the only way to get security patches.

Honestly I don't know what I'll do when I can't use lineage anymore. I'll probably buy iphone.

Btw I had to delete app data and activate it again before it started working again

@TeddyDD I have trided different versions, clearing cache and app data, updating app, nothing works

@TeddyDD @arek

Huawei phone with Android 7 not patched for 5 years: Good!

Phone with latest security fixes and mostly open-source rom you flashed and checked yourself: Alarm!

@TeddyDD @arek Credit Agricole doesn’t allow me to open its app while using offline keyboard, but it’s okay with Gboard…

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