I used Go once, for a single small project, two years ago. Recently, I was forced to update the single dependency (acme/autocert) in the project due to bugs in it. But Go also had broken backwards compatibility during the last two years, so my project didn't work with the newest version of Go.

My project is a single main.go file. The Go website claimed they wouldn't break compatibility, which is why I tried using Go for the project. Regret.

@cancel you can disable modules: GO111MODULE=off

Most of the time, conversion to modules looks like this: go mod init module.com/foo && go mod tidy

The source code is compatible, the tooling has changed. The tooling never was part of the compatibility promise anyway.

@TeddyDD maybe I did it wrong, but ‘go get’ to update/install my single dependency didn’t work in 1.18

@cancel I'm happy to help if the code is not top secret :blobshh:

@TeddyDD I'll just turn it into a module next time I have to mess with it. Thanks though :) (I don't know why they link to a bunch of long-winded documentation instead of just telling you the steps...)

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