I got good influence on computers around me. They sometimes magically fix themselves to avoid my wrath 😆

@TeddyDD Trying to avoid percussive maintenance haha

@TeddyDD That's rare. Many people have the opposite aura.

How can I make Arch fear me enough that it stops refusing to even install lol

(for real though nvm, when I ditch old slow Debian I'll probably just switch to Ubuntu, don't have time for manual configuration any more)

@hubret @faun @TeddyDD
I spent the better part of February configuring Manjaro, realized it was Openbox I liked instead of Arch, went for AVLinux (Custom Debian, unmaintained as of last year), found a well-configured algorave environment, and making do with XFCE until I can configure an Openbox session.
Being able to install downloaded Debian packages is way better than building something like Praxis Live, which turns out to be an IDE sitting on top of an IDE...

@gpsych @faun @TeddyDD yeah I felt the openbox too so I went with Lubuntu and gutted it out and fixed it up with all my familiar doodads

@hubret @gpsych @TeddyDD My openbox delivery vehicle for a while was Crunchbang. I miss crunchbang. Its aesthetic was okay. But really it was just debian but a bit screwed up with some unstable presets.

@faun @gpsych @TeddyDD i used crunchbang too! it was the first time i loved linux.

@hubret @faun @gpsych @TeddyDD
I've been eyeing Crunchbang's successor, Bunsenlabs, which is also Debian-based.
I haven't had success with switching out xfwm4 with Openbox, and difficulty making a new session work on my install, but doing things is more important than looking nice. And it's time to start doing things.

@gpsych @hubret @TeddyDD Debian's whole way of handling packages (which defines them as a distro) seems so intolerably antiquated. I haven't tried living under pacman or Nix, but I imagine it must be better.

@faun @gpsych @hubret @TeddyDD
Rolling release models can break things when you least expect it. I am ashamed to say that installing downloaded .debs is preferable to building from source.

@gpsych @hubret @TeddyDD Building from source is one of those things that never works for me.

Yeah I get that feeling about rolling release: If the most recent configuration of packagespace is broken well you just have to go on the forum and see if anyone has a fix yet

Still.. It's kind of better than having everything years out of date always (and *still* having package conflicts occasionally)

and Nix's "installations of different versions don't interfere with each other" may be perfect

@faun @gpsych @hubret
Nix sounds ideal, yes. I may implement it in my next GNU setup.

@faun @gpsych @hubret
I'v got good experience with Void Linux in that regard. It's pretty stable and even if something breaks you can fix it yourself and send PR without waiting for maintainer.

@faun heck If I know 😆 Those sentient assholes realize I won't let go so they might as well work properly lol

Ubuntu is pretty nice when you need things to „just works”. I use Void as daily driver, but I'v got Ubuntu as backup and for gaming.

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