Playing this game is nice way to train touch typing

@TeddyDD Yeah, I like it! It's more fun than a lot of other typing practice things

@gaeel yeah exactly! who would like to type boring letters exercises when you can blow up space ships :D

@TeddyDD Yeah, also the feel when you start getting into a rhythm is really good

@TeddyDD I've heard these games (Epistory was mentioned) tend not to translate to real world skills. I've heard there're a lot of transfer problems in educational games. Which is depressing.

Best thing this game did is it helped me to break old typing habit.

I used to type using two fingers on each hand. I had failed to change that multiple times, despite using typing tutor programs. Now I type properly most of the time. This is huge improvement for me

@TeddyDD it certainly felt like it helped me too. I didn't realise I could type with all five fingers until epistory kind of forced me to.
But I still don't usually do it irl!

@faun it's hard to switch but I guess it „clicks” at some point

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