I had to fix some issues with my i3 configuration (I haven't touched configs for about 5 months). I replaced native i3 bar with Polybar. Configuration was fairly painless. also: trying cmus and loving it so far!

@TeddyDD Polybar is probably the best bar for general use. i3bar is good for low power systems, as for’s good but configuring it is a chore.

And then there’s xsetroot in dwm....

(Also what are you using to show currently playing songs, is it the mpd module?)

@drisc i3bar has one huge advantage - it's showed on all monitors. Functionality wise - it's similar to my old setup with i3blocks (but i3block require some additional dependencies on Void and I'm lazy)

It's a script module. It calls script written in Fennel that pulls info from cmus-remote.

@TeddyDD Cool! I bookmarked the Fennel lang page a while back but never went back to it, I’ll give it a looks at somepoint soon :D

@drisc I love it - it's Lisp and Lua - my favorite languages :D

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