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pixiv: i see you've made pokemon fanart

me: yes, my pokemon fanart is very cute.

pixiv: also you made a bunch of NSFW pics

me: yes, I am an adult and I have these feelings

pixiv: so might I recommend...

me: NO

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I'm browsing through Factor vocabularies. Plenty of useful code here. I should write something in Factor.

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This talk is brilliant (especially part about coding for corpo) šŸ˜

Zed Shaw - The ACL is Dead

I have to install windows VM because fucking HRs decided to use fucking magic excel for some forms. The spreadsheet is not working in the browser office.

Primary feature of MS teams - the teams is garbage. I'd rather use discord. Like there is no way to group channels ffs.

*Connects phone to random pc with usb cable:*

Android: yo, wanna share files, use tethering, just charge battery....
iPhone: FUCK YOU

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One thing that I like about Go is that it's easy to write good Go code, and it stays good for a long time without maintenance. So long as you're not trying to be clever, your code will probably be idiomatic and concise, and the language doesn't really change so it'll be useful for a long time.

Anyone remembers p2m? I was using this hispter ā€žtorrentsā€ like crazy in middle school lol

I finally purged Snaps from my old Linux mint install. Good thing that new installations don't have snapd installed by default.

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Everyday I'm growing more fed-up with computers than the last. I have a hard time using the computer these days.. I have shit to do but I just can't-

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I just discovered wezterm, a terminal emulator with splits and sixels support... and it's written in Rust! šŸ¤©

#unixporn #linux #rust

Helm is a mistake. is a mistake as well but you shouldn't make things worse by templating shitload of YAML.

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What FOSS application or service do you wish existed?

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A fox wrote for me this beautiful poem about symmetry, and I think about it from time to time.

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