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"No masters, no gods" in Arabic by Syrian Calligrapher Mouneer Al Shaarani

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FOSS Terminology Change Survey 

I want to guage how people feel about the terminology changes (master/slave, blacklist/whitelist, etc.) being made in FOSS.

Feel free to expand on your opinion, but please be respectful as this is a touchy subject for many.

I think these changes are:

Why the fuck binary Anki distribution depends on libsystemd?

Python package management, project management tools and virtual environments are such a mess.

I install copy of python language server in every virtual env because I don't want to fuck up global env by accident.

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Shellcheck is such a blessing by the way. I rarely learned so much out of a linter.

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Problem: how to remove credentials injected into container (Secret) in so in case of attackers gaining access to shell in container they still not able to retrieve credentials. Container must be able to restart 🤔

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I create a boilerplate for documenting design systems and component libraries using Hugo.
It's called Design System System and you can find it here: github.com/setphen/design-syst

BQ Developers edition firmware for Cervantes 4 is fucking joke.

- reader app crashes all the time
- if you disconnect from WiFi you are unable to connect back

In theory, you can telnet to the device via Ethenret over usb but I never managed to configure this shit.

Current plan: reinstall stock firmware (40 minutes...), enable wifi, reinstall dev edition, install KOReader, nuke default app from the orbit, create sd card image with KOReader installed.

Nice to see Gemini is slowly gaining traction

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At this point, I no longer feel it is merely morally permissible to violate copyright, but rather one’s *moral duty* to subvert the vast majority of copyright. “Intellectual property” is a thoroughly disgusting Orwellianism.

We have entered a period where a samizdat underground is necessary to sustain the basic facets of civilization. And public education is a central pillar of the commonweal.

#Torrent every goddam thing.

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The itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality continues to add a lot of great games. They have Celeste now, which is probably the best platformer of all time. Some other favorites of mine include They Bleed Pixels, Super Hexagon, A Short Hike, and Oxenfree. There's also heaps of tabletop games and asset packs for game devs. You need to pick this bundle up, it is the best deal in the history of gaming.


They've raised almost $5M now for BLM-related causes.

Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

This bundle is NUTS. Great games, good cause. Go buy it.


I have an idea for videocast / yt series. I'd record myself visiting various sites with mobile Firefox and shame shitty web designers who can't make website that works well on mobile. It's fucking 2020, most people use smartphones.

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