Well, encoded forward slashes are breaking reverse proxy in Caddy 1. Caddy 2 does not have auth plugins I need. Damn.

I found some time to read about TiddlyWiki. It's absolutely stunning how powerful it is (but also scary since it is huge pile of js in self modifying html file)

My uncle bought Yamaha MX 49. I'm not too impressed with its sound shaping capabilities but it has one great feature. When plugged to PC via USB cable it works as audio interface so you don't need additional (and expansive) piece of equipment to record stuff you play on your brand-new synth.

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"SourceHut is accessible because the core principles of simplicity upon which it is built naturally lead to an accessible design"

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People talking about Microsoft's EEE tactics were ridiculed recently. MS is good now, right? Meanwhile they bringing direcx to WSL - extending Linux - already on second 'E' 🀣

SponsorBlock is crowdsourced extension for skipping sponsored blocks in YT videos πŸ’š

Let's kill adds industry!


markdown-clipper is nice browser extension that lets you dump website to markdown documents:


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Ok, this is really nice!

Stores git (github/gitlab/etc) issues locally, allows using them via a TUI and local web server + offline + bidirectional sync.


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I am so sick of..
Corporate openwashing
Chinese apologists
Brave propaganda
Spyware analytics

These things are WRONG, just fucking stoooooop

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@sir you sure wanna call that "News" ?

IMO, "Corporate Hype" would be a more accurate name

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Today I Learned of the existence of Gemini, a new internet protocol intended to "explore the space inbetween gopher and the web": gemini.circumlunar.space

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The president of ReLogic says that if we can get 100,000 signatures, he'll release the source code for Terraria: OtherWorld.

Come sign it so we can get the game finished as a community project! 😊


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From HN comments: "Gemini sites load so fast, it's a little crazy". Not at all, what's crazy is that we've come to accept as normal that downloading O(1000) words of text that we actually care about reading takes long enough to notice and sometimes might make your laptop fan spin up a little - in 2020!

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