gonna start accusing random things of being 'too woke'

'this heat is too woke'

'the remote isn't working. the batteries are too woke'

@witchfynder_finder @Taweret [biting into a bruised apple] goddammit this one's woke

@witchfynder_finder @Taweret TFW you are not woke enough after your morning coffee because the coffee is Too Woke

The struggle of Woke Transfer Resistance is real

@msh @witchfynder_finder complaining to the barrista that my latte is too woke. make me one that's less woke, please

@Taweret @witchfynder_finder

barista 1: this person says the want ther order "less woke" wtf is that

barista 2: (looks over) uhoh...don't ask any questions and just give her a decaf before she starts talking about Star Trek again

@Taweret is President Wotan's tie too woke? We'll hear from experts at 11. But first, we have a very special guest here to tell us about the benefits of screaming for three straight hours.

@Taweret Millennials are buying air conditioners to combat woke weather!

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