ds9 was like a whole damn series about the evils of colonialism and racism

@Taweret the entire series is literally utopian communist propaganda???

@juliana there's a pro union ep, mulitple feminist eps, fucking far beyond the stars ffs

@juliana @Taweret
This. The whole premise of the universe is a society where wage-labour has been virtually eliminated and people learn and do things they find fullfilling 😅

(it can be argued this is a facade and that there are still people strugging under capitalism, but that's also part of the shows' narratives, so......)


like I won't even say I always agreed with everything but star trek has always been explicitly political lmao

@SeanAloysiusOBrien for sure there's a lot of lib shit but regardless there are just so many eps that are political as fuck. kira's whole character is political as fuck

@Taweret I had a feeling of the source and when I expanded the photo I was right. Amazing how wrong they can be about everything

@Taweret heck, iirc there's an episode of ToS where Kirk basically tells a time traveler "no means no", which is probably woke by faux news standards.

@WeeMadHamish @Taweret tos had one of the first interracial kisses on TV, if that's not "woke politics" then idk what is

@Taweret I haven’t seen the latest series, and still haven’t finished the last season of Discovery (kids etc), but ummm, yeah, this is someone completely missing the point of the entire Star Trek universe

@Taweret If FoxNews had their way we would be all living to the 173 rules of acquisition and the federation would be the “bad guys”.

@Taweret and capitalism! Don't forget how often I was the kinda bad guy. But then also, also, it's the only place in Star Trek that has some meaty criticism of Roddenberry's whole super-optismistic space-socialism and how it really was also about the negative aspects of Hegemony, even if it's well intended Hegemony.



I think the utopic vision in #TNG falls short because the writers couldn't fully transcend the neoliberal zeitgeist of the 80s/90s. #ds9 gets at this and acts as kind of an antithesis to TNG's thesis. But we never got the true synthesis of the two in a true luxury space communism.

#TNG : what if the future is a utopia?
#DS9 : Actually, that utopian vision is just dressed up neoliberalism taking a free ride on post-scarcity from technological innovation.
Synthesis: we never got it

We need a new trek that actually presents a new utopic vision, learning its lessons from 90s trek and the flaws its utopia had because it was produced at the height of neoliberalism.

@wakingrufus i agree, and all we have to do is know what that would look we know? Space-Canada? (but without the arcane voting system, resistance to too much regulation, inaffective reaponse to indigenous suffering) or space-sweden (without the ....) etc...

I think we don't know the answer yet? Or is Discovery trying to do this now as best it can?

I think it is near-impossible that nutrek achieves this. So many go-to plot devices for tv writers just don't work in a post-capitalist utopia, so you need to design the show from the ground up for this, and I just can't see the current stewards of trek being interested in that.

@Taweret The TV interracial kiss on the original Star Trek is considered a milestone. The episode with Frank Gorshin is all about race. Fox Skewed News ignores facts in favour of outrage, and ends up further from the truth than most science fiction and fantasy literature. May the Trek be with you. 🙂

@Taweret LOL, gotta be fucking kidding me. I presume this person has never watched an episode in their life.

@Taweret lmao
TOS is 60yo and already delved into woke territory in that time
so imagine this 20 and 30's of the time, talking shit about the scientist women, federation not having money, people just doing work
because it had to be done

now days, their (grand)sons are crying about the same stuff on the new installment

@Taweret I'd even argue that the latest Star Treks are not woke ENOUGH for today compared to the older series for their times.

@Taweret i miss back in the good old days of DS9, when they had simple, apolitical lessons like "sometimes terrorism is justified and necessary."

@Taweret Are these people new to Star Trek? Despite its flaws, it's been more progressive than most shows that aired at the same time. But I guess that's somehow bad?

ST III spoilers, implied violence 

@Taweret the wrong David Marcus died on the Genesis Planet 😩

@Taweret The original Star Trek had the first mixed-race kiss on television. They've always been "woke".

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