my old coworkers would only put one little scoop of coffee in the machine to make a whole pot of coffee. when you don't put enough coffee for the amount of water you wind up with weak, bitter coffee

every time i made it i put in the correct amount and they would be like "wow! you make good coffee!"

no i just put in the amount of coffee you're supposed to. you should try it sometime

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@Taweret When I worked out of an office, the coffee from a Keurig, so my friend and I bought an espresso machine instead. Because Keurigs are peewater coffee.

@breakfastgolem people will say they don't like 'strong' coffee when what they actually don't like is bitter coffee but what makes it bitter is not putting enough coffee in

@breakfastgolem @Taweret "good" coffee doesn't taste better enough for all the extra work, and Keurig coffee is fine

@Louisa @breakfastgolem @Taweret

You're all wrong. Cold-brew is the way to go.

You can make it a giant, concentrated pitcher at a time, and it's less bitter than hot-brewed coffee.

@Louisa @apLundell @breakfastgolem @Taweret yes favourite coffee is the generic store brand "breakfast blend" k-sorta-cups for the Keurig machine...nice mellow light roast and it acually has a little more caffeine than the "bold" dark roask so is better wake-up juice

@Taweret I assume different people supplied coffee when it was their turn?
I almost wonder if it's "gotta save the coffee I have to buy the next tin"

Of course that's what the massive tins of folgers are for. Coworkers.

@lapis no it was just had the giant jar of folgers. the company paid for it. it was part of the office supplies orders

@Taweret ...I'm now mad at my brother's workplace for cheaping out. I know it's not that much money but it's the principle of the matter

You have inspired me to make coffee. Presumably properly

I hope you leaned into that and didn't ruin the magic.

To this day, they're sipping their crumby coffee and thinking "I wish @Taweret was here. She could really make a good pot of coffee."

@msh @apLundell there was seriously a staff meeting where pretty much the whole room did this

yes, coffee is much better when you simply follow the directions on the package

@msh @apLundell and no, i never explained to them that they were all making coffee wrong so presumably they are drinking bitter dishwater coffee to this day

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