NFT Replicas

NFT replicas

nft replicas



How to have a NFT replica 

Move mouse over image
Right click
Click save image as
Type name
Click okay


@Taweret Oh my god, is this linking to a link or copying the original link?

@Taweret would be better if the replicas had like. way more jpeg artefacts than their originals

like reposting a shitty meme to different shitty meme websites over and over


@00dani @Taweret i ran one i found on google through a deep fryer and.. yeap


But how about NFTs for the blockchain entries containing other NFTs?

@Taweret what is happening to the world? Was it always like this and I was too wrapped up in myself to notice?

@sprkwd @Taweret ...yes, although it does seem to be escalating a bit recently.

@Taweret this is obviously absurd but if it sows chaos, undermines the space's integrity and/or wastes their energy, it may be for the good.

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