Loki is screaming at the window because sometimes there's moths this time of night but there are no moths right now

he is screaming at the moths that aren't there for not being there

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@Taweret he is screaming at the world for deriving him of his one joy.

@Taweret the place I used to live had tree frogs who liked to hang out on my window.

and now Pev scream at window for NOT having frogs.

@Taweret @magicalmilly I'm pretty sure he just believes that since you control which parts of reality exist at any given moment (by operating doors) that you are also in charge of wind, moths, things of that nature, and he is simply asking you to do your duty and manifest things for him

@robotcarsley @magicalmilly this is likely the case. humans are wizard servants magically producing food, water and toys as needed for cats

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