@Taweret "how else will they learn to hate people if they aren't stuck having to use the same bathroom and discover that grown ass adults still don't know how to flush?"

@radicalrobit @Taweret my former coworker, a grown man with adult children, used to wipe his boogers on the bathroom wall


Wow. That's some serious condescending bullshit.

And I'm a straight white middle-aged dude. I *know* condescending bullshit.

@Taweret@octodon.social gen-z spends plenty of time outside. trust me they're always walking too slow lmao

@Taweret That is still the best setting to learn how to harass others

@Taweret Gen Xers want to work remotely too. No one wants to work in a fucking office and do an hour long commute there and an hour long commute back.

Such a bunch of bullshit.

@deathtoamerica don't forget catching every cold and flu bug that comes along because offices are gross af

@alienghic @deathtoamerica i dont miss 1) getting sick constantly 1) being told "if you're sick stay home" and then doing so and being treated with suspicion and outright hostility by management

@deathtoamerica @Taweret This GenXer has a 7 minute commute and still doesn't want to be in the office. I even paid extra to live this close and I don't care. Fuck spending a third of my day+ surrounded by people who think missing one day in 20 years deserves some kind of trophy.

@Taweret@octodon.social as if office life is some sort of culture that is being lost or something

@heartles @Taweret starting an office life preserve where we pasture wild cubicle workers

@zorotl@monads.online @Taweret@octodon.social [ david attenborough voice ] and here we can see the leader of the pack engaged in a struggle for dominance

worker: "and that's why i think i deserve a raise"

@heartles @zorotl @Taweret see how the cuberat protects their stapler as the manager approaches with a memo

@heartles @Taweret wait is it finally time to blame zoomers instead of millennials for industries collapsing?

@lapis @heartles @Taweret they missed the opportunity to go that angle.

Zoomers are causing the death of the office industry!!

@Taweret there was nothing I liked about an office environment I had at the research job I was at other that couldn't be replicated for at home work.

With remote work I can't blame Janice in Accounting for not starting another pot of coffee when she finished the last one. Bill in HR can't steal my lunch!

But remote work is apparently immature so?????

@lapis i like how it starts "in the not so distant past we spent more time at work than any place else" as tho that's something to miss and not a description of a dystopia

@Taweret your ancestors fought for an eight hour workday and that's proof it's an outdated concept! Back to the 16 hour lifestyle baby!

@Taweret @lapis This also describes the present? Like what "past" are they on about?

@Taweret I've been working remotely for about 7 years now and there's nothing I miss about office life. I still frequently think about all the stuff I don't have to worry about or be disgusted or inconvenienced by.

@Taweret@octodon.social "my child is not shaping themself into my exact image, what flaw of theirs could be causing this?"


capitalists are still seething about the incredibly minor concessions they had to make to workers because of covid and are frantically trying to roll everything back

@Taweret I hate articles like that. Being condescending isn't going to make things any better. And I love how these older folks think malinials (wow autocorrect didn't catch that one? Thanks) won't read it. Same with stupid Conservatives and their talk shows, always "tell your kids..." "talk to your kids about..." Like Hello, we hear you!

@Taweret I work with a bunch of gen z and theyre… fine and normal adults. The fuck??

@catgoat yeah this is literally "if i had to spend most of my adult waking hours in office hell, these damn kids do too"

@Taweret gen zers are not toddlers source i am not a toddler

@Taweret ive been learning to be an adult for YEARS, too. like. ugh

@seventy @Taweret I was going to say, isn’t the average Gen Z age like 26 or something? What’s with the infantilization here? “Look at these babies thinking they can be adults on zoom”? Uh

(Let me guess, are these the same writers that think 30 or 40 something “Millennials” are all still somehow industry killing surly teens?)

@Taweret I feel like offices are not the best place to learn adult behaviour

@Taweret this is sort of the evolution of the hand-wringing I remember from boomers and the silent generation when gen-x/millennials reached their twenties and kept playing video games and generally goofing off instead of immediately having nuclear families

@Taweret I've had a WFH gig since 2007 and a thing that sticks in my memory from my two jobs before that is my bosses' absolute *terror* and mistrust on the couple of occasions that I was like "there's, like, a blizzard happening and there is no way I can safely make the non-trivial drive to work, I'm going to work from home"

It was literally inconceivable to them that anyone could be trusted to work if not being surveilled at their office desk


Personal computers have been around for decades. But it takes a plague to finally put a stop to this large resource waste.

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