hey aliens,

when we launch billionaires into space, those are for you. you're supposed to take them. those are free specimens for your research. on the house

you're welcome

@Taweret This is another reason sub-orbital flights are "not space".

I'm pretty sure it'd be easier for aliens to abduct someone from the ground than from a sub-orbital "space" craft.

(Unless their abduction technology has really specific weird requirements. There's so much we don't know about aliens.)

@Taweret not just research, feel free to eat them too, we've got so many

(but for legal reasons you can still say "research" if it's like small island countries with whale meat or something)

@Taweret dear humans,

not high enough

keep trying,

@Taweret "we heard you're into probing humans and we wanted to support your hobby



I don't know, are you sure you want the aliens to make conclusions bout the human race based on william shatner and jeff bezos? 🤔

👽 👽 👽

Hey some of these orbitals even look like a probe. We're not teasing, they're free samples so take them.

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