hey CNN,

a union strike is not a "blow to the economy" unless you consider giant corporations to be "the economy" and workers to not be

@Taweret "Corporation Cuts Corners, Confronts Consequences" is such a good alliterative headline, too

@kat @Taweret Kat you did it, you found a polite way to say "fuck around and find out"

@Taweret Yeah, who do you think these businesses actually are? Who do you think actually operates these places and makes them work?

@Taweret that is pretty exactly what they think. Workers exist somehow outside of the economy and are superfluous to its function we're just some gears in the machine, readily replaced when we get squeaky.

@purple @Taweret the economy is a place you go to and ask for a job there

@InternetEh @Taweret @purple for a moment my brain parsed this as "a child slaughter"

it doesn't look like your intended words but i still don't want to call that a misread

@purple @Taweret @InternetEh but, like, who buys stuff?

do we no longer need people to buy stuff?
just companies to be valued at a certain price point, and then that's that?
that's enough for a functioning economy??

@Taweret If this pandemic has taught us anything it's how important the spending of large corporations are and not of the average individual when it comes to the health of the "economy."

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