@Taweret i hate this says Biden on it so i can't pretend it's from 2014 when the trend was actually popular even if just among closeted wlw

@Taweret you're not a rebel for supporting the literal head of state.

@hope also gotta love the implication that hiding your pride gear is more "socially responsible"

@Taweret@octodon.social I want to do activism but without standing out in any way

@MxFrizzle i wanna stand for what's right but not rock the boat or make any waves

@Taweret stand with what's right with dyed hair*

*but not TOO much dyed hair

@Louisa stand for what's right but not like in a way that anyone can tell

@Taweret putting a "free healthcare" sticker on the inside of my car, under the seat

@Louisa the defining trait of a rebel - not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable


"pro-Biden rebel"

that's an awfully good oxymoron


also rainbow stuff like that has to be touched up super frequently!

it looks way worse after literally just one wash!

@SeanAloysiusOBrien it looks like it might be those clip in extensions because otherwise yeah, shampoo is gonna turn it into a washed out mess

@Taweret @witchfynder_finder please stop repeating what I've just discovered is my secret kill phrase

@InternetEh @Taweret i lift up my normal, very expensively maintained hair to reveal the new trend, even more expensive hidden rainbow hair

then i lift up my secret rainbow hair to reveal the new new trend, a grinning, sharp-toothed mouth

the grinning sharp-toothed mouth opens to disgorge the new new new trend, thousands of spiders that scurry out and consume anyone that considers themselves ‘low key pro-biden rebels’

@Taweret pro-biden and rebel are not words i would align with one another

@Taweret "pro-biden rebels" ????
I'm pretty sure it's not a "rebellion" anymore if your guy is the President.

@Taweret It's just Gay Hair.
Some authors are just weird

@bort @Taweret I don't know but I assume it involves a rainbow confederate flag.


This is the screenshot equivalent of those t-shirts with a picture of captain kirk that say "'may the force be with you' - gandalf".

There is no physical way to keep hair that long and bright out of sight. The whole thing is so obviously bait. Y'all! Unhook yourselves! Be free!

@Taweret the hairstyle itself isn't even that bad, it's every single word in this image is worse than the last, it's impressively awful

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