covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

for two decades we've been told we have to treat 9/11 as sacred because "so many Americans died"

but 659K Americans have died of covid so far and we're averaging 1500 a day right now and the same people and the same media are like "meh"

almost like they don't really care about american deaths so much as they care about fear-mongering about foreigners

just saying

re: covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

@Taweret something I made this morning. It didn’t go over well 🤣

re: covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

@requiem @Taweret you should show the civilians killed by the US in Afghanistan, too. iirc something like 300k are dead directly due to US action. That may be across Iraq and Afghanistan, though, I'm not certain.

re: covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

@marie_joseph @Taweret agreed, it was quick so I limited it to one campaign each.

re: covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

@requiem @Taweret Brilliant. Great enough to get me to break my silence on the matter.

Alt text [was re: covid, uspol, 9/11 and such] 


A pie-chart with a tiny blue sliver with the number 2,996 and a vastly overwhelming red portion assigned the number 352,188. The legend has the blue portion labeled "Osama bin-laden" (referring to 9/11) while the red portion has the label "Donald Trump" (referring to the number of Covid deaths)

re: covid, uspol, 9/11 and such, climate, rant, sorry 

@requiem @Taweret

Also leave it to us to confuse material quantity & consumerism (of tiny flags or electronic fake candles) with actual reverence...

I claim no authority on this as I didn't lose anyone directly, but I was close enough to it to have attempted some miniscule tangential volunteer effort in the aftermath, but I'm sick of these hundreds of flags/e-waste candles as a "tribute" when presumably they'll be in the trash the next day. I don't need that, or your bumper stickers, to never forget.

The same with "Superstorm" Sandy. It was a hurricane, it happened, get over it, and if you really give a shit, do something about climate change, instead of woe-is-me excuses because it was a "super" storm.

Tired of empty shows of I don't even know, I guess.

re: covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

@requiem @Taweret I mean, fair, this *would* be better as a bar graph

re: covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

@technomancy I tried that but one bar was imperceptible.. @Taweret

covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

@Taweret I said something similar this morning, but posted it locked cuz I'm a Coward lol

covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

@Taweret It's all about nationalism and more money for the pentagon.

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