doing phonics with astrid has made me realize there is reasoning behind making clifford a “big red dog” aside from nonsense being entertaining to children

we write and say that phrase A LOT in her phonics class. they are easy to read words as well as common sounds that children here age need to focus on. along with differentiating between the b, g, and d sounds, r is also a challenging sound for kids. we are doing short vowels and that phrasing is three different short vowel sounds. very cool

sorry i’m sure this is obvious to other people but i’ve never had to think about it before and my mind is a bit blown lol

@shade it also helps us establish the conventional order for adjectives. for example, it would seem ‘wrong’ if someone said “red big dog,” which should be the exact same thing but... isn't? somehow? the language is bunk

@binchicken omg ur right!!!!!! i feel like i remember reading that english orders adjectives differently than other languages too smh way to be difficult english


@shade @binchicken its something we pick up without being explicitly taught

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@Taweret @shade oh i know, i used to terrorise people with this cognitohazard

@unlofl @Taweret @shade i am more like an australian young befeathered little precocious awful monster

@Taweret @shade @binchicken And it's extremely not limited to English, I'm pretty sure every language has an ordering for adjectives

@witchfynder_finder @Taweret @shade and it's not even written down anywhere, it's entirely vibes-based!

@witchfynder_finder @Taweret @shade hodge-pdge awful language, makes the existence of english prescriptivists all the more absurd

@Taweret @shade @binchicken That is why linguistics uses the term “language acquisition” for what happens when we are very young.

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