Space Jam 2 be like "hey remember superman? remember harry potter? remember game of thrones? remember the mask? remember the wizard of oz? remember the first space jam movie?" that's the whole movie just "hey, remember other movies?"

and somehow its two hours long

also the looney tunes characters look like ass in 3d

the producers of space jam 2 think the words algorithm and AI are synonymous

@JohnBrownJr @Taweret I can't decide whether a mindless regurgitation of pop culture references is worse if it's a purely soulless marketing vehicle like this or if it actually began as someone's misguided labor of love, as RPO did

@robotcarsley @JohnBrownJr @Taweret rpo is worse because ernest cline is a piece of shit and no one cares about his labours of love

@JohnBrownJr @Taweret Yeah, this was Ready Player LeBron or Wreck It LeBron 2: LeBron Breaks WB’s Bad Idea of the Internet (Cyber-Space Jam Edition)

@max @JohnBrownJr @Taweret wreck-it ralph 2 was a good film tho

it was undeniably worse than the first one because of the disney reference bullshit, and also the fact that it's not called ralph wrecks the internet

but like the first one it becomes good once they get the reference bullshit out of the way and focus on the film's actual characters and their emotional arcs :blobcatbox:

it took a lot longer to get the reference bullshit out of the way tho :blobcatglaredrink:

@00dani @JohnBrownJr @Taweret I agree. Space Jam 2 was so much worse than either Wreck It Ralph movie (which I very much enjoyed both) because it was a bad copy/paste with even less room for the emotional arcs

@Taweret to be fair, there are a lot of great movies out there, and you don't want to make anyone feel snubbed

@Taweret one thing I remember about the first Space Jam is that it took place in space, I believe, and this one is in the Matrix for brands, one of which is the Matrix

@robotcarsley @Taweret Aliens came from space, where aliens live, to the place where the Looney Tunes live, which is... underground, whatever, don't worry about it. The game took place in the Looney realm.

@Taweret I still don’t understand who the audience was for some of those callbacks. Is there a 7 year old out there that goes crazy for mentions for all of Casablanca, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Rick and Morty in a few minutes time? (And if so is there a way to lock them up as a juvenile delinquent *before* they do anything stupid?)

@max i think some of the references were supposed to be "for the parents" but the only thing parents are going to enjoy here is the moment the movie finally ends

@Taweret @max I don't think kids are going to enjoy it either. I think the audience is IP lawyers for WB and people whose SO made them agree to a maximum number of funko pop purchases per month

@robotcarsley @Taweret Related to this there were at least a couple references I’m surprised the lawyers were okay with, though both probably (?) count as fair use/parody they didn’t make sense in a “WB Serververse”. Wizard of Oz is owned by MGM/Amazon and Back to the Future is owned by NBC Universal/Comcast in our current dystopian IP culture. Amazes me/saddens me they weren’t able to stay 100% within AT&T properties for gags AND that I know this.

@Taweret But that’s the key “gathering the team” montage! Almost all the references are to stuff kids shouldn’t be watching. (I forgot to mention Game of Thrones, too!) It’s so critical to the first act that having it be mostly “for the parents” seems like negligent writing, you are wasting key joke time for your target demo. Unless again maybe their target demo was would be juvenile delinquents and/or creating new ones. (“Can we watch that Roadrunner/Coyote movie with the cars in it?”)

@max @Taweret Oh yeah, putting Coyote and Roadrunner in Mad Max was damned hilarious, I thought.

@Taweret @max

Adults get hung up on this, but I don't think little kids mind references that go over their head. They're used to it.

Think how many times Sesame Street parodied a film the audience hadn't seen.

They did "The Seventh Seal" twice!

@Taweret @max Pretty sure Jim Henson didn't show up to work one day and say "Hey guys, you know what kids are into these days? Tedious Swedish films about the black death! We've got to find a way to work that into our show!"

@tsturm @apLundell @max sure but they made the effort to make sure that their skits worked even if you didn't get the reference. movies like SJ2 just throw references at you and that's literally it. you're supposed to laugh simply because a GoT character is standing there

@Taweret so an average white dude's podcast except with a nine figure budget?

@georgieboy @Taweret I thought the average White Dude Podcast already had a nine-figure budget?

@Taweret I mean, the first movie was "hey remember this commercial staring the basketball guy"

so it's on brand at least

@Taweret boomer film execs have stripmined every media franchise for every possible molecule of nostalgia they can extract and remarket to younger audiences, and when everything has been rebooted and re-referenced they will just re-mine the secondhand dregs for meta-nostalgic re-sequels and re-reboots, rather than just risk coming up with one new idea

@brownpau @Taweret the hollywood centipede

(but more seriously, i miss when they made mid-budget movies. how else will they strike gold that they milk til it bleeds?)

@Taweret this reminded me of the Ready Player One guy's horrible slam poem, that i will not post

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