its so fucked up that like 99% of americans are scared to criticize Israel even when it's doing blatant ethnic cleansing in front of their eyes

@Taweret i was just talking to trent about this and literally i don't understand it at all, like what sort of mental gymnastics are people doing

@shade the christian right has done a good job of instilling the idea that criticism of Israel = antisemitism

not because they give a shit about antisemitism. they don't. but they do believe that Israel needs to exist for world war 3 and the apocalypse to happen and these are things they want so

@Taweret @shade

meanwhile it's a truly an ascendent level of antisemitism to be like "your people should have all the self-determination necessary to be a living macguffin in our wacky eschatology."

@Taweret my mom was listening to the BBC and like. from THEM just listing the casualty numbers....... it's eminently clear who is the aggressor here. it's so obvious and they fucking dance around it

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