There are so many movies I saw once on network TV as a kid, and never even knew what was hacked out for commercials or runtime or anything not G rated, it's weird to think about

Right now I'm watching Superman for the first time in about 30 years, and definitely the first time in its entirety

This movie was number one at the box office the day I was born

If I was born in the US it would've been Any Which Way But Loose, fortunately I was born in the UK

Superman (1978) 

I love the shitty model city on Krypton, I always love Very Fake practical effects more than "realistic" CGI ones

It's been 24 minutes of not the Superman story before getting to the Superman story

Folks, there is full frontal nudity from a toddler Kal-El in this movie, just, right out of the space pod and BAM

Superman (1978) 

There's a guy playing teen Clark Kent (who looks nothing like Christopher Reeve) and I guess they put a fake nose on him to look more like Reeve's distinctive nose, because the flesh tone is very flat and grey

I forgot this movie isn't *set* in 1978, it's like the 50s

Superman (1978) 

Ok, OKAY: it IS set in/around 78 actually, Martha Kent simply aged from (generously, let's say) 45 to seemingly 65 as Clark grew from 3 to 18(?), in the 50s, and now he's 26 (Reeve was 26, I don't know how old Clark Kent is supposed to be)

He's a good bumbler, very cowardly

Superman (1978), ending spoiled 

Lol ok, so I remember that Lois died because he couldn't stop both missiles in time, and he reversed the Earth to turn back time

But I swear I thought he went back to make sure both missiles were safely exploded in space

He didn't, he just saved California after a missile exploded the San Andreas fault by shifting the plates back into place? And a bunch of shit still got wrecked??

Anyways, enjoy this cameo by John Ratzenberger

Superman (1978), ending spoiled 

@Louisa please live toot Quest For Peace. its hilariously awful

Superman (1978), ending spoiled 

@Taweret oof maybe, I don't think I watched that one after III scared me so bad, when that woman gets turned into a cyborg


Superman (1978), ending spoiled 

@Louisa you need to see QfP. you will not believe the awfulness unless you see it with your own eyes

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