'carbon footprint' is a concept and term invented by British Petroleum as a way of making you blame yourself for climate change instead of holding oil companies accountable

@Taweret BP officer: let's shame our consumers to hide how we are soooooo much worse and call ourselfs Beyond Petroleum so people think we are doing something but we don't do anything!
BP Board: that's unethical and wrong. Give this man another million dollars of share options NOW! (Breaks in cheering and hooting and their private jets warm up)

@Taweret Lmao I was just trying to explain to my parents today how all people collectively has less impact than our industry. They still didn't accept that it's more important to decarbonise industry than for any one person to change their lifestyle.

@KamareDrache in fairness to your parents, fossil fuel companies have spent an ass ton of money on propaganda to make people think exactly that

@Taweret Well quite. I wish my parents would be a bit more critical of what they believe.

@KamareDrache there's a youtube channel called Climate Town has that has vids explaining all of this and they're well done, only like ten minutes each and very digestible. maybe see what they think of some of those

@Taweret I am literally screaming about this every single day!!! mostly to myself but also to any unwitting victims who step within ranting range of me lol

@Taweret Also related: recycling! not really a thing it turns out, and would require a lot of infrastructure, science, and economic forces none of which we have to be a thing! Big plastic just saw the height of the US environmental movement c. 70s and decided it was a smart move to hire an Italian American man to dress as a Native American and cry at some roadside litter so they could avoid having to address the waste their products generate themselves, and it worked!!

@Taweret if you think about it, the term fits. reduce your carbon foot print, don’t support them.

@Taweret Have you got a citation for this? That's not me having a go, that's me wanting to put it into a university essay

They've got me writing some facile crap about how "students can reduce their carbon footprints" and I'd quite like to crap on it and say "sure students can reduce their carbon footprints but it'd be better if Shell did"

Personally I prefer the phrase "carbon globally-suffocating blanket"

@Taweret Yeah always found it weird how this system they invented somehow could not be applied to themselves and large companies. Heresy to even mention it.

And when time comes for someone to take action, it's al on the individual people and never on the companies.


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