@Taweret Self-drying clothes were the real innovation.

Why were those just a fad? Why don't we still wear those?

@apLundell im just glad that wearing pants inside out fad is over. it was so 2015

@Taweret @apLundell I wish they had worked out more of the bugs in the bionic circuits upgrade options and I might have gotten some, but I don’t miss the circuit rage in skyway traffic.

I don’t really miss skyway traffic at all, to be fair. Hover conversions were a mistake and traffic jams in the air were so much deadlier.

@Taweret that's the first time I've noticed that woman's necklace (collar? choker?) on the right is just a bunch of bullets. really forward thinking fashion actually

@Taweret They must have had a goddamn blast designing the sets and outfits.


treated as a prediction and broken down into individual elements, there is honestly more "correct" about this image than totally off-base.

dunno how i feel bout it. much to think about.

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