buddy cop movie with Anakin Skywalker and Paul Atreides. can this mismatched pair of dickhead space wizards recover the stolen Spice and save Coruscant without driving each other crazy?

also one of them poops their pants

and its Paul

Paul poops his pants

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gonna call it Coruscant Cops: Stillsuitin' After All These Years

*cops theme music* Bad boys bad boys
Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
when it's time to poo...

@Taweret "Hey Luke, you know why they call it a 'still' suit?"
" Paul, why do they call it that."
"Cause I'm still shittin' in it! Eyyy!"

@breakfastgolem @Taweret i like the idea that paul calls anakin 'luke' because he can foresee him turning into darth vader and all that, but doesn't tell him because he's a bit of an asshole like that

@breakfastgolem @Taweret i was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now you have shown your ass

@esvrld @Taweret honesty is a virtue
i am a saint and should be treated as such (in that saints are dead and usually preserved creepily in big churches)

@breakfastgolem @Taweret paul is secretly very resentful of anakin being able to move things with his mind and jump very high with jedi powers, and has to press his one trick every chance he gets

@esvrld @Taweret Anakin keeps asking if Arrakis is Tatooine and Paul is just annoyed at this point. "NO Anakin just because it has SAND it does NOT mean we're on Tatooine, shut UP! GOD!"

@breakfastgolem @Taweret 'have i told you i don't like sand yet'

'yes anakin you have told me that and will tell me that about a 1000 times. shut up'

@esvrld @Taweret (Paul, muttering to himself) Fear is the mindkiller, right sure, you know what else is the mindkiller? This fuckin' Jedi-ass nerd.

@Taweret I mean Paul's wearing a stillsuit, you're supposed to shit your pants so the moisture can be recycled

@Taweret Also since it's processed in the thigh pouches, that would make it incredibly easy to incapacitate Fremen by aiming blades or projectiles at the thighs so you can make their wounds septic

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