in roger rabbit this happy little cartoon shoe gets slowly dipped into what is essentially acid for toons and it melts to death. its not quick either. it gets like slowly lowered into the acid

@bulkington everyone lost their shit when the characters in toy story 3 almost died but didn't and were fine

in the 80s cartoon characters got slowly lowered into acid just so the bad guy could make a point

@Taweret this and the bit where the judge goes toon were sure a thing for a kid to absorb back in the day

@infernusgoatus @Taweret Dude when his eyes start bulging and he says "And did he talk JUST. LIKE. THIIIIIIS!?" I still fucking lose my shit to this day. I cannot believe our parents let us watch this as children.

@radicalrobit @infernusgoatus bulging red eyes as he SHRIEKS about KILLING YOUR BROTHER EDDIE

and then the filmmakers, presumably worried the kids in the audience might not all be traumatized yet, have his arm turn into a giant buzz saw

@Taweret @radicalrobit I'm sure there was some worthwhile commentary on violence in cartoons but that was lost on the kids seeing bulgy-eyed Christopher Lloyd sproinging after them in their nightmares

@radicalrobit @infernusgoatus @Taweret While I wasn't all that traumatized by Doom's one-winged angel, my realization that this is not at all an appropriate movie for children was when I saw my little brother watching it as one of the weasels searches Jessica Rabbit and finds her "booby trap". "Wait, I was allowed to watch this when I was younger than him?"

@tparadox @radicalrobit @infernusgoatus there's so much in the movie about sex and also alcoholism and all the violence and the plot revolves around politics i don't think most kids can follow let alone care about

such a good movie tho

@Taweret @radicalrobit @infernusgoatus Eddie stopping himself from swigging his flask and pouring it out instead baffled me as a child. Well okay, he's not going to have a drink NOW, but... he doesn't want it, at all? He doesn't want the drink? I remember asking my parents about it and I don't remember the answer I was given but I don't think it helped much. I barely understood alcohol beyond "the good-tasting drink for adults only that makes them feel good when they're celebrating or sad".

@Taweret @radicalrobit @infernusgoatus (hardly any alcoholic beverage actually tastes all that good to me, especially at the first sip, but I'm especially sensitive to bitterness)

@Taweret now the scariest part to me is the deliberate dismantling of public transport to build freeways

@Taweret such a clever writing turn. Guess what, you're living in the world where the bad guys won!

@InternetEh @Taweret My parents make fun of me that I think “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a horror film and refuse to watch it around the holidays.

This is Potter’s America! There never was a George Bailey. The Great Depression happened and then was deregulated in favor of large banks, not small ones. The movie’s America never existed and if it did, it was well before I was born.

@max @InternetEh i've always found that movie depressing because yeah, the dark parts feel FAR more grounded than the uplifting ending which feels like fantasy

@Taweret @max you could view it a lot of ways. You could call the ending a fantasy, or mutual aid even. To me though it seems like "rise and grind" propaganda. Like you have to give everything to your community until you've got nothing left.

@InternetEh @max the things is the townspeople all gave what they could to help george but potter still has huge resources with which to hurt george or anyone else he likes and what do they plan on doing then?

@InternetEh @Taweret Except no one I watch it with sees it as a call to socialism. So many Boomers (my parents 🙄) see George Bailey as some sort of All American Banking Jesus who died for their sins and was thankfully resurrected so they don’t have to do any real world work, because the problem was solved at the end of the movie. Job done. Mission accomplished.

I’ve also met too many people that legitimately think Potter is the hero.

@InternetEh @Taweret I realize we *could* use the movie to try for more socialism/community action, but it isn’t structured well for that. It is a bad “Jesus story” in so many structural layers and the exact same reasons the Southern protestant churches have been corrupted by capitalists and Libertarians is reflected in so many ways the movie reads in 2021.

People seem to like the roulette wheel of the “prosperity gospel” far more than they believe in Jesus’ very socialist actual teachings. 🤷

@max @Taweret well I don't know what Capra thought. I know he produced those "why we fight" videos for the army

@Taweret tangentially, it wasn't until the latest rewatch (THIS year!) that I realized they laid the groundwork of the Valiants being a circus family, and Eddie and his brother being the "clowns" of the police force, to explain why Eddie could improvise some vaudeville slapstick so good that it killed the Weasels

I guess I always took it for granted that he needed to do that, so he could do it

@Louisa Spielberg wanted Harrison Ford to play Eddie Valiant

@Louisa its real hard to imagine him doing the song and slapstick bit

Hoskins was perfect because he could both hardboiled noir detective and silly comedy with equal ease

any other actor would feel like a downgrade

@Taweret you really felt like Hoskins *was* a beaten down detective, he's not a leading man type but he's tough, and when people tell him he's a failure you feel him feel it

I don't think I'd believe it if they were calling Harrison Ford a failure

@Louisa Hoskins threw himself into it in a way Ford was never going to

@Taweret yes! Ford would just smirk and smarm his way out of every situation (for the record I love Harrison Ford)

@Louisa me too but yeah he would wrong for the part

ive been trying to think of another actor who could maybe do it as well as Hoskins and i honestly can't

@Louisa @Taweret oh wow! that scene with the weasels makes a lot more sense now. I watched that movie all the time as a kid but I never picked up on that. I guess I thought Eddie was tapping into his inner toon or something?

@Taweret @tessaracked I think as a kid it's very hard to hear the restrained acting of a man playing a character repressing his pain by rejecting past joy, when there's a large cartoon rabbit yelling 100% of the time

@Louisa @Taweret and let's not forget the melting shoe, why was I allowed to watch this and not the Simpsons

@tessaracked @Louisa remember the soul sucking machine from dark crystal? that was also a really fucked up thing to be in a kids movie

@Taweret @Louisa I don't think I've ever seen Dark Crystal, my parents must have missed a memo about Jim Henson because I didn't see Labyrinth or The Muppet Movie either until I was an adult.

@tessaracked @Louisa damn, dark crystal isn't as good as those. its mainly interesting as a technical achievement also it gets super dark like

@Taweret @tessaracked @Louisa And there’s also an incredible Dark Crystal prequel series on Netflix that makes the movie even better and teases an interesting fork in the timeline (that we won’t get to see because Netflix canceled it for being too expensive).

@Taweret @Louisa I'm glad I saved this clip for the morning, so those e y e s aren't going to be the last thing I see before I go to bed

@Louisa @Taweret @tessaracked

I never truly appreciated the absolutely *masterful* acting from Bob Hoskins in that movie until recently. He's acting his ass off, to *nothing* most of the time. He's so good.

That movie holds a place in my development as a human being that can't be understated, and that shoe-dipping is *so* fucked.

@PostMasterGeneral @Taweret @tessaracked it's weird but I forget that he's acting against no one so much, because he's so good

@Taweret god I watched this when I was like 5 and it gave me nightmares for years. I still can't rewatch it lol

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