i bet Darth Vader has days where he just sits in his egg and watches podraces

@breakfastgolem @healyn he's got an account on the galactic podracing subreddit where he argues with people for hours

@breakfastgolem @healyn people who argue too much later wind up getting arrested and sent to imperial mining colonies and they have no idea why

@healyn @Taweret I mean, Anakin literally said this as a kid so it stands to reason that he'd say it as an adult when he's in his egg pod and no one else can hear him.

@Taweret the emperor is tired of constantly hearing about if only the racer came in third he would have hit his trifecta

@Taweret He listens to that two headed announcer, but usually after the fact since hyperspace makes streaming complicated and he can be very busy.

... Then he spends a day enjoying his podcasts. :awesome:

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