if you had a magic blue box that could travel literally anywhere in all of time and space, where would you go?

@Taweret you missed "a quarry in Wales somewhere" although that was more of a thing on the doctors 1 through 7 series

@robotcarsley the third doctor also spent a lot of time in the UNIT offices or driving his little car around a field

@Taweret I think he used the car to commute between UNIT HQ and the quarry iirc

@Taweret hey what about Victorian Lond— oh wait ok I see

@Taweret I read this as magic blue fox and thought it was a Dead Astronauts reference

@Taweret Hey now that's not fair. It's firmly established that Cardiff and Sheffield are places that exist too.

@tparadox @Taweret I thought Cardiff disappeared again when they ran out of ideas for Torchwood?

@max @Taweret I'm pretty sure the only reason Cardiff was ever important was because the show was being run by a Welshman. Moffat showed remarkable restraint by comparison only going to Scotland once or twice.

Once the Doctor wasn't crossing paths with Torchwood anymore (and then especially when the Hub got blowed up and TW3 went roaming), Cardiff stopped being a Place. Most of Miracle Day takes place in the US because it was a Starz production.

@tparadox @Taweret There’s also the aspect of it that the BBC realized decades (and decades) ago it was cheaper to film in Wales than in London. Cardiff : London :: Vancouver : LA/New York/Chicago

Torchwood was an extremely rare case of Cardiff playing itself, despite so much being filmed there (even Doctor Who still)

@max @Taweret They stopped making "BBC Wales" so prominent sometime around late Smith/early Capaldi that I forgot they're still out of those studios.

@tparadox @Taweret I think it’s interesting because it’s part of the back story of The Prisoner too: they were shooting Cardiff as London for 1950s spy shows and Patrick McGoohan was spending weekends wandering small Wales villages wondering how a spy could possibly ever retire…

From what I gather Cardiff has (quietly) played London and other EU cities for way longer than Vancouver has played American cities, which is fascinating. Good on Davies trying to bring awareness to it.

@Taweret Or to America, but only the desert part, and only for a little while.

@breakfastgolem in fairness they did go to new york a couple times and it was terrible both times

@Taweret The Daleks have never been and will never be frightening or scary.

@Taweret I like how every season they go "The Doctor will face their greatest foe yet" and it's like "oh it's the Daleks again but this time they're pretending to be nice".

@breakfastgolem the problem is they're never allowed to win even temporarily so they never feel like a threat and the doctor's victories don't feel like victories

this is true of all Who villains actually

@Taweret The Doctor always wins, they always figure it out in some clever or interesting way until it's long past being boring. Hell, they carry around a literal Macguffin device that can be configured to do anything required to solve whatever dumb situation the Doctor and their annoying companions are stuck in. It sucks.

spoilers for a thirty year old show 


like in ds9 the dominion takes over the station for a while. our heroes face defaeat. its exciting but also when they retake the station it feels like a victory

we never get anything like this in dr who because he's never allowed to lose even for a damn second

spoilers for a thirty year old show 

@breakfastgolem a roller coasters that just rides around at maximum height and never drops down is a shitty roller coaster

spoilers for a thirty year old show 

@Taweret I liked the Silence story arc because there was a point where everyone was getting captured and defeat felt like a real possibility. Probably the only arc I even gave a crap about.

spoilers for a thirty year old show 

@breakfastgolem but as always it turns out the doctor was secretly in control the whole time

spoilers for a thirty year old show 

@breakfastgolem if i was showrunner i would do a season that started with the Daleks taking the tardis and killing the companion and stranding the doctor

then the doctor has to deal with that and make their way across the universe without the tardis to get it back

as the season goes on and we get closer to Skaro we would see more and more destruction the daleks have caused

then a big season finale on Skaro where the doctor and the new allies they've made during the season take on the daleks

@breakfastgolem @Taweret There was exactly one time I saw the Daleks and went "oh dang!" and it was when they turned up in the middle of the Cybermen finale in season 2. (I'd only just gotten into Doctor Who like a month earlier.) But when it became apparent they weren't gonna team up and destroy all the humans, they were just gonna forget about Earth and wage war on each other, my interest level went way down.

@breakfastgolem @Taweret Special mention though to the first season finale. The Dalek megafleet didn't make me go "oh dang!" but the Ninth Doctor confidently declaring that he was going to destroy them and save Rose is probably still a top ten moment, if only because the "Doctor brags about how awesome they are" speech hadn't gotten cliche yet.

@Taweret @breakfastgolem You don’t think it great representation of America to show a tenement apartment that is also somehow viewing distance from the Statue of Liberty so that it can turn out the Statue is living and the same species as the Angels that started as scary in a one off but got less scary each subsequent usage?

@Taweret @breakfastgolem

You wouldn't want to go to San Fransisco; you'd immediately get shot in a gang-shootout and just barely recover in time to stop Y2K!

@Taweret if I was a renegade who stole an unbelievably subtle and powerful transport device from a civilisation of time and space overlords in order to go out into the greataway and find myself, I would simply not act as taxi driver for small-minded Brits who can only conceive of like three possible sets and a small quarry in Wales

@Taweret that famous interdimensional and chronological crossroads, Cardiff in the mid 2000s

@Taweret pssst... you missed out the disused quarries & a ‘70s RAF base!

(Credit where it’s due with modern Who, they have diversified on occasion with Cardiff, Sheffield, Gloucester & little chocolate box villages in the countryside)

@Taweret going with modern day London, because I already live there and it'd be a really useful way to get home quickly if I was out of the city for whatever reason

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