Twice now, I have been writing a newsletter and accidentally spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out the correct terminology for a weird hat a woman is wearing

@Taweret according to THIS chart, it was a gatsby cap


@Pixley this chart incorrectly labels a trillby as a fedora though so i don't know how much faith i would put in it

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@Taweret there are honestly too many contrasting hat facts on the internet

@Pixley agreed because if you google gatsby cap you get what this chart calls a newsboy and not what it calls a gatsby cap so

in conclusion, hats are a garment of contrasts. thank you for your time

@Pixley @Taweret the hat listed as a panama is actually a fedora because a panama is a fedora with a wider brim

@Pixley @Taweret there's also a safari which is closer to a panama than a fedora and here I'll direct you to this website because I swear to god I'm not a hat guy I only have like 2 hats,

@Pixley @Taweret also under "type" there are big head and small head which is very funny to me

@Thomas @Taweret Thomas where were you when I was trying to name the hat the mom from Deadly Spa was wearing

@Thomas no, Deadly Spa is the one where the mom and daughter to on a vacation to a spa that turns out to be run by a murderous cult, and there's a lot of archery and a weird hat (but thank you)

@Thomas @Pixley @Taweret what i love about this homepage is that by making all the models look down to show off the hats, they've created a mood board about being sad in fancy hats

@Taweret @Pixley about as much faith as I would put in the rest of the internet, which has been committing the same mistake for going on a decade

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