i especially love how pissed off the dolphin looks

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wait. why did they think kids would be fighting giant eagles in the year 2000?

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back when little kids could fly around and fight giant eagles, before 9/11 Changed Everything...

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this is still getting boosts. people love the Whale Bus 🤷

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@Taweret Granted, since COVID, not many people are taking the whale-bus.

@apLundell sadly, covid has even caused the underwater croquet leagues to postpone their season

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @Taweret

Tough luck for that kid who has to grind the mill.

No knowledge for him!

@Taweret @Alonealastalovedalongthe I assume there's a fine mesh that filters out the paper pulp while allowing the knowledge to sluice through.

@apLundell @Alonealastalovedalongthe @Taweret He's the one who lives. The textbooks are getting shredded to generate the electricity needed to electrocute the rest of the class.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @neal @apLundell @Taweret Been listening to an Invisible Sun game where a guy shaves books into his tea to eat the knowledge. So, yeah, surreal.

@Taweret I see even then they weren't optimistic about climate change.

@Taweret I mean it's what we all did in 2000 sooo?

@Taweret I think those are little kids.

If the kids are 3ft tall, then the eagle is about right. (Eagles are huge.)

Remember back in 2000 when six year olds flew up to eagle nests to steal eggs?

@Taweret Nowadays parents don't let their kids do fun stuff like that.

@Taweret mais pourquoi pas

France, I demand you make these pictures reality, i m m e d i a t e l y

@Taweret well ya, now the FAA would never let the kids with their mechanical wings take off in US airspace without the proper clearance, back in the day kids could just put on their mechanical wings and fly around harassing eagles all they wanted smh

@Taweret to steal their babies duh. it says right on it

@Taweret payback for not just dropping the hobbits off at mordor

@Taweret this is why I love retro-futurism so much. People had such vast imagination but at the same time had no idea the ways technology would progress. Wild to see predictions of the future where there are no screens because those hadnt been invented yet.

@sexybenfranklin @Taweret

I wish I could remember what it was from, but there was an old book from about 1920 making the rounds on social media a few years ago that predicted smart phones, and what people would do with them really well.

... except, that to view photographs and such, they had to set it up on a table pointed at a wall. Like a movie projector.

Because that was the most advanced display technology they could think of.

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