The dragon ball franchise is a Cardassian Repetitive Epic

@Taweret I love the journey this post just sent me on of going from "haha, ya!" to "well... wait... was it?" to "oh my god, it literally exactly is!?"

@Taweret if you include GT and all the filler in the original run, absolutely true

@Taweret honestly what are other examples of anime fit this dynamic?

Gurren Lagann like, proactively takes pride in being this

And...I feel like most monster of the week formatted shows/anime fit this bill

@yeenbean Cardassian Repetitive Epics are supposed to follow multiple generations tho. So Dragon ball and Naruto for sure

@Taweret oh shit you're right, in which case Gurren Lagann still counts but monster of the weeks generally would not

@Taweret if I pretend each version of Tenchi Muyo is a diff generation can we count it as well

@yeenbean @Taweret I just realized that that would make Star Wars a Repetitive Cardassian Epic

@xandra wait don't read this you haven't seen this ep yet :v

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