I remember at new years, I didn't even want to do 2020, I wanted to go back and do the 1990s instead but you guys were all like "no. Time is linear. We have to do 2020 now"

Now look at everything. Maybe next time you'll listen

@Taweret the 90s would have been cool. i'd go to all of the shows i missed.

@Taweret Are you kidding me, I'd love to go back and do the 90s. As long as I get to remember everything I know now so I'd know how to be cool.

@InvaderXan @Taweret That and maybe exploit the knowledge by investing in Google in their early days so you can use the money you make to organize the people to combat what they'll ultimately become.

@KitsuneAlicia @Taweret *excited gasp!* Dismantle all the shitty companies before they happen!!

@InvaderXan @Taweret Good luck stopping 9/11, though. You'd have to go back *way* before the 1990s to stop that. Literally the culmination of decades of US policy, after all.


I had friends dying of AIDS in the 1990s. The dot-bomb bubble burst and I never was able to get a job that paid enough to live on after that. The Gulf War. The ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Yugoslav Wars. The Rawandan genocide. The World Trade Center got bombed in Feb 1993, and then we had the Oklahoma City bombing in April. School shootings became a thing.

Screw all of you and the retro grunge fantasies you rode in on.

@Taweret yeah people got suckered in thinking "woo woo it's the roaring 20s again" but we were all sold a bill of goods.

@Taweret I was hoping we could try the 1950s again because cool cars and rock and roll but then I realised we'd probably end up having to be served *that food* again and it filled me with doubt

@Taweret You say we went for linear time, but I am pretty sure that this is year 6 of 2020.

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