Kronk from Emperor's New Groove is peak himbo

@Taweret although I have barely seen the movie everything about that character design says so

@Taweret I fell off Disney animation after Mulan, not because of it just that’s how it was

@Pawdraig it's nothing whatsoever like mulan. its mainly a snarky comedy

@Taweret @Pawdraig I've seen it argued recently that Emperor's New Groove was like 15 years ahead of its time. The sense of humor is basically meme jokes, but the internet wasn't developed enough yet for it to be appreciated.

@witchfynder_finder @Pawdraig i rewatched it last night. the tone of the humor always feels more Looney tunes than Disney to me. in a good way

@Taweret The important thing that people seem to miss a lot about himbos is that Kronk is beefy

A himbo gotta be beefy

@witchfynder_finder @Taweret Is Chris Hemsworth's ditzy character from Ghostbusters 2016 beefy enough by virtue of being played by Chris Hemsworth? He's the archetypal himbo for me, though a very soft himbo.

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