and then who i do run into on a island right after but Drago. the only dragon villager in the game

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he's my tenth to now i just need to wait for a camper i like to replace Chrissy

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@witchfynder_finder Frita? oh no. i had her for a while in new leaf and i could not get rid of her fast enough. she is the worst of the uchis

@Taweret She's okay enough, I just don't like how her horns are ketchup-and-mustard themed because I hate ketchup ;A;

@witchfynder_finder she grossed me out in new leaf because the back of her head was partly cooked hamburger

but i think they changed the design to be slightly less gross? just ketchup and mustard?

@Taweret She still kinda looks like a burger, but it looks a LOT more like her wool is just colours instead of being an actual burg

@witchfynder_finder that's a definite improvement

i used to hit her with the net and push her onto pitfall seeds before it was explained to me that that makes villagers not want to move because they want to be your friends and the actual way to make them move is to never talk to them at all

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