A centrist is someone who has just enough shame to keep them from admitting they're right wing but not enough to keep them from being right wing

"Economically I'm a conservative, but socially I know that if I ever voiced my true opinions I would lose the respect and trust of even my most sycophantic peers."

@Dayglochainsaw @Taweret economically conservative, to me, means, "just because slave ownership and child labour are illegal all of a sudden, doesn't mean we shouldn't try to bring them back again"

@meena @Dayglochainsaw to be fair it also means "i don't want my taxes paying to feed or educate the filthy poors"

@Taweret @meena @Dayglochainsaw

They get so upset about taxes, but it's not because of the atrocities the government is committing, it's because it's helping other people have food

@Laura_I @meena @Dayglochainsaw of course, they're fine with taxes paying for things as long as those thing benefit very rich people and giant corporations, things like corporate subsidies and wars those are fine. but childcare programs and healthcare? no way

@Taweret @Dayglochainsaw if the filthy poor's children work for you, or you simply own them, then you don't have to, so ¯\(°_o)/¯

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