You know what surprises me most about masto? i haven't seen a single person here reference tom bombadil. seems like the sort of environment that would have some bombadil stans idk

hot take, violence 


tom bombadil gets the wall

hot take, violence 

@mal he just lives in the woods and sings and is gay tho

hot take, violence 


he's pretentious and smug and condescending

hot take, violence 

@mal i thought you didn't know LOTR :unsure_fry:

hot take, violence 


I said I hadn't seen the movies

@Taweret lmao i hope no one from the tolkien foundation finds this take and banishes me to the fucking void for it

@Taweret they tend to crawl out of the woodwork when you make fun of him

me, I think he's ridiculous

@Taweret @CoronaCoreanici Hey dol merry dol
Ding-a-dong dillo!
Bright blue his jacket is
And his boots are yellow.

@Taweret interesting

this is the first encounter i've had with that particular bit of "culture"

I can't imagine that'd be fun to see regularly

he mainly sings stuff like this:

"Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!"

@Taweret ho tom bombadil ho tom bombadilo is the only lotr quote i remember from reading the books in middle school


you haven't seen bomba.dil, there was an early falling out and it's a long story nobody likes to go into, so we just don't bring up Tom Bombadil


it's okay, nobody'll be upset or anything, but yeah, we just never mention that one specific Tolkien character and it's likely to be forgotten by the community over time due to the unpleasant associations

(this is entirely untrue and I am sorry for making up this much nonsense <3 )

@Taweret Nobody stans Fëanor because that guy was a huge asshole.

Túrin Turambar is a piece of shit, too.

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