Music is a sham. Vampire weekend contains no actual vampires, everyone in weezer breathes normally and don't even get me started on barenaked ladies

@medic @breakfastgolem @Taweret yeah, i think it's female cum though. Could be wrong but that's what i recall

@medic @breakfastgolem @Taweret eh, I googled and it says it's a myth? Idk. Says they used to just make up stories but the real origin is some lame boring bullshit, so Im sticking with "female cum" because "polishing the pearl" is a real thing so

@Taweret I'm still disappointed that Iron Maiden doesn't have a single female iron golem.




i can deal with them not even being ladies.

double whammy like like psoriatic arthritis


i got so excited, i double liked.

i should have tried to hide it.

oh well. i'm about lose my mind and i think i like it.

like it.

@Taweret Hozier is not from Indiana, Cake is just some guys and not a sweet dessert


you can only trust comic books these days

everyone knows the whizzer has to pee

@Taweret Restaurants are almost as bad as music--at least here in Canada.

Montana's steak house is not from Montana

There are no Boston Pizza restaurants in Boston

Swiss Chalet is not from Switzerland

New York Fries aren't...

They all stared in Canada! It's all a scam I tell you!

Also Harvey's Burgers was founded by a couple of guys named George and Rick...there never was a Harvey!

I don't know if I trust these shifty outfits with the food I eat 🤨

@fC the only thing
certain of is that I've eaten it and survived.

If it's not really from Boston I have my doubts it's Pizza they're serving.

TFW you're sitting in "Boston" "Pizza" and the "Barenaked" "Ladies" song One Week comes on and they mention the Chalet "Swiss" and you don't know if anything is real...


@Taweret putting those three bands (first two weezer albums excluded) under the umbrella of “music” gives me hives

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